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Ecuador real estate sometimes amazes. Here your savings stretch to buy real estate that in other parts you just could not buy.

Ecuador is sometimes labelled a developing country which is usually interpreted that it is poor. In dollars and cents some might consider this to be the case, but the surprising truth is that Ecuador has buckets of real estate potential. For example, money just can’t buy what you see below.

The images below come from some I took on an earlier trip in Ecuador. When I visit places like this I’m reminded just what a beautiful and inspiring place Ecuador is. Ecuador-images.net

Ecuador is a land of wonders. A multitude of sights and sounds lead us to understand the potential of Ecuador real estate. One of them is flowers! Here I am together with Merri in the gardens of the Hosteria La Cienega.

Here, Baron von Humboldt stayed (he who discovered the Galapagos islands and also invented the metric system) when he was exploring Ecuador. La Cienega’s gardens represent a paradise for all of us who love flowers or being in gardens. Geraniums are in bloom everywhere you look but also dozens and dozens of other varieties too. The topography of Ecuador and the various different slope directions, plus the ever present sun means that you can travel just a few miles and be in another micro-climate. This is what allows flowers of just about any type of to prosper.

The photo below was taken in the grounds of La Cienega which lies to the south of Quito in an area of excellent Ecuador real estate potential – one of so many in Ecuador.

Sometimes a picture speaks volumes, wouldn’t you agree?

There we stood, middle of the norther winter, enjoying the warmth of the Ecuador sun, contemplating the potential of Ecuador real estate and experiences that wealth just can’t reach – such as 365 days of sunlight so close to the U.S.A.

Why not come and see the delights of this country for yourself. Come join Merri and me in Ecuador on one of our upcoming real estate tours.

Merri and me in the Hosteria La Cienega gardens appreciating the potential in Ecuador real estate.