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Hotel Quito Ecuador

Hotel Quito Ecuador is Gary and Merri Scott’s favorite. They never stop praising this excellent Quito hotel in Ecuador’s capital city. Little wonder that over the years Gary and Merri have taken thousands of people to this hotel. Hotel Quito is ususally the first place we bring delegates because it gives them such a grand introduction to Quito and Ecuador.

I first went to the hotel for one of Gary’s seminars back in 2002. It was close to where I was living at the time and as I marvelled at the entance foyer with its floor to ceiling arched windows framing the spectacular views of the Andes on the horizon and the Tumbaco valley down below in the near distance, I wondered how I hadn’t stumbled on this jewel before.




I think there are roses on display 365 days a year in the foyer, at least I’ve never been there when there weren’t huge bouquets of spectacular long stem fully open roses. Some days they are red, other days white, yellow or orange. I’m not as much of a flower lover as some people but I never fail to appreciate this simple but elegant touch.

Gary wrote some time ago of the gardens at the back of the hotel “Nowhere else can you find gardens that are lush twelve months a year, filled with tropical flowers and fruits, coconuts, hibiscus, lemons and orange, yet having flowers from the north (fuchsias, roses and such) as at Hotel Quito Ecuador” and I agree they are spectacular gardens.

Early morning mists disperse under the equatorial sun

Yet most visitors head to what Hotel Quito now refers to as their “playa” or internal beach. I know I am drawn there. Most times I‘m in Quito I take my 5 year old son along for a splash in the heated pool – you won’t catch me in a non heated pool anywhere in the world – and then after Luke has played the “shark” catching dad we get out and both enjoy a soak in the whirlpool. Other times, I’ve met friends by the pool for a round of drinks or a snack and a chat.

Snow-capped Volcan Cayambe in the distance – Tumbaco valley down below.

Gary has this to say:- “We have a lovely routine of a long swim in the Hotel Quito Ecuador Olympic sized heated pool which overlooks the entire city, then a nice long steam in their while tiled Turkish steam bath (filled with fresh eucalyptus leaves)”


The views from the ground floor foyer are spectacular yet they are nothing compared to the 7th floor restaurant where there a magnificent 270 degree vista awaits to captivate. As Gary notes “Hotel Quito Ecuador also provides a view of the entire city from the top floor Techo del Mundo (the roof of the world) a restaurant with the distinction of being the 2nd highest restaurant in the world with panoramic views” (note – it may be the 3rd now as the new cable car that runs 13,000 feet up the nearby Pichincha volcano has a restaurant at the top).

I love the buffet breakfast they serve with fresh unlimited coffee. Sometimes Luke and I eat so much we have to hold off a while before we go for a swim. Gary noted “they served a great breakfast buffet of tropical fruits and fresh juices (this morning a delicious blackberry), homemade Swiss muesli (loaded with currants and mango), fresh French bread, free range eggs, corn tamales stuffed in banana leaves and of course cafe con leche”.

Gary and Merri take a morning tea at Techo del Mundo

And yet like any hotel this one too is not perfect. Some of our readers love it and yet others say it has been noisy at times, or the rooms not modern enough. Have you stayed in Quito? Where did you stay and what is your favorite hotel and why?


Meantime, I expect we will continue to send people to Hotel Quito whilst the vast majority enjoy it. Most folks who fly into Quito will stay a night or two to enjoy this UNESCO designated World Heritage city. On several of our seminars including the upcoming IBEZ seminar on March 7th through 9th we start the course in Hotel Quito with the Click on these words wonderful buffet breakfast. If you can’t make the seminar but you are a member of our subscription service to Ecuador Living (the article you are reading now is not restricted but many are. You gain full access with the subscription plus many other benefits) you can enjoy the 45% discounts when we book for you.