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Cotacachi Land

Cotacachi land values still represent great value, both in Ecuador and internationally. Comparing with other countries reconfirms that Ecuador still offers great value.

Here in Cotacachi we have seen condos for sale, nearby haciendas, old colonial houses and to a lesser extent quintas and fincas. You may wonder what the difference is between a quinta, finca and hacienda. In Ecuador the definitions are fairly straight forward. Cotacachi land too comes in all shapes and sizes.

Haciendas are country estates, or the remnants of them, left over from the times when the privileged landlords ran huge farming operations sometimes using indented labor. Land reform acts such as that of the early sixties, and gradual decrease in wealth of the privileged classes has seen many haciendas decrease in size.

Haciendas being the largest pieces of land, (except when all the land has been sold off leaving a country mansion but still with the title of ‘hacienda’ ) they can range from 30 acres up to thousands of acres or even many square miles; just like ranches in the U.S. Fincas, the next largest, maybe, and I say maybe because this is not an exact science, range from 5 acres up to 30. And quintas are more like country homes that are up to a half dozen or so acres.

Of course the size of the land is not always reflected by the size of the main dwellings. Sometimes they are brand new structures but more often they are somewhat run down needing some repair.

Just recently we saw this finca for sale on the last Imbabura property tour, a lovely piece of Cotacachi land. It really is a peach of a place and from my experience a good deal.


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