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Fun in Ecuador

You can have a lot of fun in Ecuador doing all kinds of activities and visiting with all kinds of people, but I would never have suspected that you you could have fun injecting silicone gel below window frames, but take a look at this!

While I was staying at my friend Bush’s condo in Cuenca he was busy getting tradesmen to put the finishing touches to the condo.

Bush had a couple of complaints that some water had entered below a couple of windows into the wall of his condo. Next day the workman came. He didn’t knock at the door. He appeared at the window … . dangling and swinging in a body hoist.

cuenca condo fun

He had that “Jackie Chan” look on his face – bemused, afraid, yet having a whale of a time. Up above on the roof terrace of the condo building, 4 co-workers were giggling away just having a bunch of fun seeing their friend in his predicament while they lowered and raised him until he was at the correct height to touch up the windows.

Here’s our “friend” doing his work on a Cuenca condo taking it all in his stride, getting the job done and having fun Ecuador style!

Fun in Ecuador, Ecuador style

Thanks for all your comments on Cuenca condos. For those interested in more information you can get in touch with Bush at bushbaby58@aol.com

Gary’s comments:

There are many projects our Land of the Sun foundation work on.  One is promoting  businesses that are concerned with worker safety.  This shows why.

Yet even though standards are not as some would like…its also refreshing that the people here get the job done.  One cannot help  but admire the lighthearted way the wonderful people of  Ecuador face the small daily complications in life   with laughter and a smile.    

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