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We have many readers stay with us for an extended time at El Meson or renting a nearby property. Patricia McCormick has just left for Canada but she travelled all over Ecuador using Cotacachi and El Meson as a base. Here is one write-up of a recent trip.


Hi!  I went with friends by cab to Quito a few days ago.  We went to the middle of the world where the Today Show filmed before I left.  I am shown straddling the equator — one foot in each hemisphere. 

Quito - Equator monument

Equator museum

One of the displays at a museum there
 Then we went up a ride to the top of Pichincha — the volcano that erupted in 1998 and luckily didn´t shower ash all over Quito, the city down below; instead the ash blew to the west and fertilised agricultural lands.


It was beautiful up there — at least 13,000 feet above sea level, maybe more.  I was literally in the clouds.  The air was pristine up there.  You can see how beautiful the country is. 



We finished the day by going up inside the Virgen of Quito, who stands guard over Quito.  It was finished in 1975 and she is lovely.  The people here are very Catholic, and there are churches everywhere.  I did another tour of old town Quito, and it was lovely.  Apparently, Quito is #13 of the large cities in the world for visitors’ destinations — even visited more than Prague!  The population is around 1.75 million.  It is a delightful city, and fun to visit — about 2 hours from Cotacachi by cab, 2.5 hours by bus.  The weather changes all the time — it is like spring when the sun is out, cools off when it is cloudy, and rains often — it seems it rains daily in Quito in the afternoon.  But I love it and find it so invigorating!  Perhaps I was just deprived of rain in Phoenix!


 The virgen of Quito