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Ecuador Health Care

Ecuador health care is a prime concern to anyone considering living or staying in Ecuador for any period longer than might adequately be covered with vacation insurance.

  Over the coming days and weeks we will be looking at different options for Ecuador Health care. How are Ecuador hospitals? What about health insurance in Ecuador? Indeed, how is Ecuador health and Ecuador healthcare in general?

  Just last week I bought health insurance for my young 5 year old son. I am as confident as I can reasonably be that I have bought good health insurance right here in Ecuador.

 Just today I visited a new hospital right here close to Cotacachi. I am no expert on hospital care but my impression is that when you take into account the brand new first rate equipment, the U.S trained specialists and the low cost treatments, this hospital offers superior value to any offered or found in the States.

  Remember, I am not saying Ecuadorian health care is superior to that found in the States, but equally when I was guided around this hospital by the chief doctor then I would find it hard to imagine that the hospital is inferior either.

  What I can say is the hospital I saw looked much better than any public hospital I have ever seen in Great Britain. Cleaner and better equiped. Quite frankly, when I had finished my tour I was shocked. Those who know me are aware that I am not given to hype or exageration.

   Undoubtedly good health insurance plays an impotant role in Ecuador health care. Continue reading at http://www.ecuadorliving.com/2008/04/26/health-insurance-ecuador.html to find out about cheap (really cheap!) unlimited coverage Ecuador health insurance with a company that has 15,685 employees, and has been in existence since 1969.  

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