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Ecuador Hospital

 I had heard about a new recently opened Ecuador hospital right on the doorstep of Cotacachi in nearby Ibarra. So last Friday I went to have a look.  

 This Ecuador hospital is so new and so well equiped compared to British hospitals and many North American hospitals that I found myself amazed as the head doctor and acting director of the hospital gave me a personalized tour of the facilities.

  It is superbly equiped using brand new state-of-the-art machinery. This is not the norm in an Ecuador hospital or indeed any hospital in an emerging country. Often the equipment is used or bought at auction.

 brand new equipment

4-dimensional scanner at Ecuador hospital in Ibarra

  As the doctor guided me around cheerfully and proudly showing off one sophisticated piece of machinery after another I was pretty shocked.

MRI machine

                                                             MRI machine in modern Ecuador Hospital

   It’s a heartening thing to know that this modern Ecuador hospital and clinic is just down the road. They seem to cover everything from dentistry to emergency care to any number of scans.

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