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Cotacachi medical information is scarce but that doesn’t mean the medical facilities are scarce.

Watchout in upcoming posts for a more detailed analysis of what is available but today let us take an overview of what is available in this charming village.

For a small rural village of 5,000 people there are a number of doctors and dentists, a community hospital, alternative health center, 2 clinical laboratories for testing samples of blood and urine etc., and also a hard to track down (but I’m working on it) French chiropractor.

Below is the hospital which is on Calle Pedro Moncayo just slightly out of the center of the town. You can see a map of Cotacachi here http://www.ecuadorliving.com/2008/04/02/cotacachi-street-map.html


Here is Doctor Albuja outside of his house. His consulting room is just 3 blocks away from Meson de las Flores.



Below is the consulting office of Doctor Teran in Avenida 10 de Agosto. Next door in the same building is a clinic.



And below is a dentist, not the one we normally recommend but another, who has her small dental clinic in 10 de Agosto as well. She charges NOTHING for a checkup and $10 for a cleaning or $40 for a whitening which will last for 30 months unless you drink a lot of coffee she tells me laughingly – she must be a psychic! How’s that for useful Cotacachi medical information?


And here is the home/consulting office of our good friend Doctor Vaca who manages to combine general medicine with Russian energy medicine, he trained as a doctor and graduated in the former Soviet Union but now part of Ukraine.


Just yesterday Dr. Vaca ran me through his Russian energy medicine software program. The results will remain largely private but suffice to say they were amazingly accurate and can also serve as very timely preventative medicine. More on that in another post.

More detailed Cotacachi Medical Information to follow in subsequent posts. In the meantime, we hope to see you in Ecuador and Cotacachi very soon and may you never be in need of any more than a checkup!

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