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Ecuador tax status is good.

However there is more.

Cotacachi dawns for example are glorious.


Yet Ecuador’s beauty is not the only reaons to be here.

Ecuador income tax on non residents is based only on Ecuadorian earned income. In other words, if you live in Ecuador less then six months a year only Ecuador income is taxed.

If you fall into this category of non resident and income is earned from outside Ecuador…such as Social Security or a pension, then there is no Ecuador income tax.

Even better as of January 2008, even if you are resident in Ecuador, and your income is subject to tax in another country, then there is no income tax.

Yet tax is not the only reason to be here.

As I sit at dawn in Meson de las Flores, I look at the huge Cotacachi Cathedral next door.


I used to be surprised that such a temple was constructed in an area with such a tiny population.


Here is Cotacachi Cathedral from the front at night.


Then learned that Catholics often built on sacred sites of the indigenous, and few spots as the land around this colonial inn had more significance to those in the past.

Cotacachi turns to to be a special ancient sacred site.


This symbol represents nine important mid-points that the Incas saw that intersect in Cotacachi. See Cotacachi Ecuador Welcome

The Incan beliefs were that these nine intersections formed four axes that created the basic functions of the universe.

The first axis runs vertically between the sun at noon and represents the transformative nature of time. This axis connects the relationship between the sun and the cosmos.

The second axis represented by the orientation of the sunrise and sunset (East-West) and the altitude, the high and the low is the midpoint for the union of man with the cosmos. This is the connection of man with the sun, the stars and the universe.

The third the axis is of earth and water. Orientated on the strategic line that runs between Father Imbabura and Mother Cotacachi this is the connection of man and earth.

The fourth axis with a North-South orientation is the connection between all of mankind. Cuzco, Quito and Yucatan are in line and represent important original cultures of America. This is the energy of mankind’s spiritual and material development.

Picture this huge pyramid of all that these ancestors saw. At the base, time flows through all connects and evolves in the heavens. As we ascend, this energy flows into the life spirit of man. Then rising higher this spirit connects with the earth and water before becoming fourth man and his material existence and spiritual union with the entire pyramid.

All of it was connected here in Cotacachi. You can learn this entire history and why two other reasons why Ecuador is a tax haven when you subscribe to Ecuador Living and I’ll send a welcome report that explains it all.  See more here.