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For those of you who delight in Indian food, as I do, and will be in close proximity to Cotacachi this weekend then you will be delighted and intrigued to know that you can sample creamy chicken kormas or searingly spicy vindaloos in Cotacachi this Sunday 27th July.

  Michael, a new friend and Cotacachi resident, sends me this note hot off the press!

I  want to get the word out to as many people as possible that Villa Paradiso (near Plaza del Sol in Cotacachi) is hosting an all you can eat Indian buffet this Sunday from 10am until 8pm for $5.  It is being put on by the famous hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant Raj Tandoori, located near Plaza Foch in Quito.  I don’t know if you have ever eaten there, but it is fabulous food.  It is their first time doing this, so many of us would like it to be a success so they will keep coming back, and possibly have other restaurants (Thai, Japanese, etc…) do the same to introduce even more variety to Cotacachi cuisine.  If you can, please let people know about this and let’s make it a success.  Talk to you soon.

  Well, I’m in Birmingham, England,  Michael so even though I can’t make this event in Cotacachi, and you could bet your last dollar I’d be attending if I was in Cotacachi, I’m sure I won’t lack the opportunity to try an Indian dish or two in Birmingham. Buen provecho!!