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Ecuador Visa Information

Ecuador visas for tourists are normally provided at the airport…but not always. See why and how below.

Clouds rise, fragile milk lace, floating dreamlike in the daybreak’s breeze. Fields of green are adorned with apricot rays of early morn spread over razor edged ridge lines and announce the dawn.

Merri and arrived in Ecuador, saw the wonderful dawn and immediately fell in love with the country almost 15 years ago.

There are many benefits, of residency in Ecuador, beyond low cost living.

The first is the sweetness of the people.


Then there is the wonderful scenery the huge choice of climates and options of lifestyle from cosmopolitan city life to village living or even remote farm lifestyles.


Wonderful colonial architecture.


Hacienda life.


Incredible gardening. The soil is so rich. The sun aways shines! Gardens erupt rather than grow.


Miles of empty beach.


Great hiking


Yet we always recommend that you come visit and see for yourself if Ecuador feels right for you. We find that many of our guests do, but Ecuador is not for everyone.

If you are a citizen of the US, Canada or most European countries (France is an exception), you will be given a tourist visa valid for 90 days when you arrive at an Ecuadorian airport point of entry.

This tourist visa can be extended an additional 90 days on the day it expires.

Ecuador as with all countries, requires a valid passport to enter the country and proof of return tickets to your home or another country after Ecuador. I have never seen this actually checked. Generally no one looks at your return ticket, but this is a rule you should know.

If you are a citizen of any country other than the US, Canada and most of Europe, and plan to be a visitor in Ecuador you may need to obtain a consular visa issued to you before you arrive in Ecuador. You should check with an Ecuadorian embassy or consul before you travel to Ecuador.

After you arrive, see the country and enjoy Ecuador’s easy pace. This way you will know if Ecuador is a place for you or not.

Then it is time to figure out what type of visa makes sense for you.

Merri and live less than six months a year in Ecuador. We are not employed in Ecuador. This means that the easiest thing for us to do is use the tourist visa.

However many prefer to stay longer and there are numerous ways to gain a residence visa. Buying real estate worth $25,000 or more is one often used.



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