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Ecuador Health Insurance

Ecuador Health Insurance is available offered by Salud Coop.

Many of our readers report that Ecuador health care is so inexpensive that they do not need health insurance.   Because of this Ecuador health insurance is not expensive.

There are many ways to be healthier in Ecuador.  Many ancient healing practices are regularly used.

For those aged 45 to 64 Ecuador health insurance costs for unlimited coverage is about $30 a month. Medicines, albeit generic, are free.

Ecuador health insurance for those aged 65 or over rises to $75 per month.

This Ecuador health insurance is offered by a company new to Ecuador but it has been established in Colombia since 1969. This company is the largest health insurance company in that country of 44 million people. It is the 10th largest company of any kind in that country and has a work force that numbers more than 15,000 employees. In short it’s a very well established health insurance company.

It is easier to get fresh food in Ecuador, a land of year round abundance. Here is a typical market scene.


Non Ecuadorians are accepted for Ecuador health insurance by simply showing their passport as identification.  At this moment from my conversation this afternoon it is not clear whether you need to be a resident in Ecuador or not. The sales manager I spoke to suggested it is not necessary but I would like to see written confirmation.

Folks 65 or older need to take out a pre-acceptance exam that focuses on brain, bone and cardiac health as well as blood, urine and feces tests.

I asked if pre-existing conditions are covered. The answer was, “yes if not too serious”, and certain restrictions apply.

For example, somebody with elevated cholesterol levels would be accepted into this Ecuador health insurance but somebody who has cholesterol levels shooting through the roof would not be accepted. In other words this is not a catch all health insurance scheme but it does offer a good choice for those with below average through to good health.

Two days after taking out this Ecuador health insurance, you can obtain at anyone of 5 centers in Ecuador, dentistry, x-rays, laboratory tests, ambulance services and free medicines from the pharmacy. After 1 month hospitalization is covered and after 3 months surgery is covered.

I asked about cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Much to my surprise, all are covered without any ceiling in costs. One hundred percent of the cost is covered. You even don’t have to pay up front and then go through hassle to get the money paid back.

Living in Quito or Guayaquil, Santo Domingo, Machala or Riobamba, coverage is complete. If you live in Cotacachi or elsewhere you are entitled to coverage in local hospitals if you suffer any kind of emergency or accident. For routine checkups or non-emergency treatment you would need to travel to a clinic in one of the above cities.

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