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Ecuador Property Confiscation – THEN MORE ON ECUADOR HALLOWEEN.


Ecuador Property Confiscation

By Steve

Ecuador property confiscation has been a worry for some potential foreign property buyers.

The passing of Ecuador’s new constitution caused many to have concerns about property rights in Ecuador. Some were portraying the government as determined to confiscate unproductive land and pass it on to the poor.

Hearing this I checked through the draft constitution; not thoroughly you’ll understand because it is hundreds of pages long, but I could find no mention of anything about confiscating property.

I called Sebastian Cordero an associate lawyer of Gary and Merri’s lawyer, Andres Cordova and he confirmed:- “There is no mention of property confiscation in the new constitution and in fact the document holds with Ecuadorian tradition and actually guarantees the property owner’s rights.”

Earlier this month there were some land invasions down on the coast by brigands of poor folks inspired by the words of some of the spokespersons of Alianza Pais in the run up to the referendum.

An ecological sensitive area in the north of Guayaquil was invaded and also a hacienda in rural Esmeraldas province. Also in the same area, an African Palm plantation which, according to its owners is land that is completely cultivated, was also over-run by locals waving Alianza Pais flags.

We just sent a free password protected report entitled Property Confiscation in Ecuador to all Ecuador Living subscribers that explains how the Ecuador government reacted.

You can subscribe to Ecuador Living here.

Property confiscation is a spooky subject but in Ecuador but frankly it is not as scary as Halloween….and Ecuador does not have a scary Halloween.

Some people dress up for Halloween but not kids. Halloween is not a part of Ecuador’s culture. It is an American celebration growing here a bit but kids do not go trick or treating.

The spookiest thing one might see in Cotacachi is a misty village square just outside our colonial inn El Meson de as Flores. Here is a shot taken by a guest.


However more often than not, the locals fill this square with gaiety, costumes and colors in their parades. Here is an army costumed lot ready to March!


Cotacachi square is often filled with parades and dancers.


Filled with color.


The young do dress in costumes.


Yet these come from century old traditions.


These costumes are not something sold in shops at Halloween.

Steve also wrote:

As a side note I have been here in Cotacachi now for nearly three years and just these last two weeks, even though we have not had a seminar we have had 50% or more occupancy at Meson de las Flores and speaking to many of the guests I notice they are combining vacations with an interest in property.

Perhaps this increase in guests is the result of the economic upheaval at home stimulating interest in affordable alternative living. Already several guests have promised to return to rent long term while they search for an ideal property.

I still feel the best way to catch a wonderful oversight of Ecuador and the properties available here without wasting unnecessary time is to take part in a property tour. Rest assured we won’t be showing huge tracts of abandoned land!!

But we do usually show condos, gated communities, country houses and small parcels of arable land.


On our property tours we’ll see property like these condos starting at $46,500.


This house…$79,000 asking.


Houses at San Miguel starting at $85,000.


Plus luxury…this huge hacienda with acreage was $495,000. (Now removed from the for sale list.)


These dancers entertained our real estate course delegates in the front yard of this hacienda.


And depending on what’s on offer, usually a farm or large tract and lake lots…plus right now a golf course for sale.

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You can even work online (as my friend Steve is doing above) while on the coast.

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