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Quito Ecuador customs and immigration at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre airport is easy, fast and efficient.

Here is an excerpt from Ecuador Living’s latest password protected report on how to  clear Quito Customs & Immigration and get to Coptacachi Ecuador.

“Getting through Quito airport to arrive in Cotacachi is a straight forward procedure partly because the airport is small and also because it has been extensively modernized in recent years.  It is well organized and you’ll find it easy to enjoy the process here.  There are hundreds of roses in huge vases waiting for your approval!


Modern Quito airport terminal

After de-boarding the plane and walking up the jetway/boarding bridge you’ll turn to the right and walk to the end of a corridor before taking a left turn and walking down some steps or escalators into the immigration hall.

No worries here. Unlike recent experiences in the UK and USA where I’ve waited nearly an hour sometimes, the most I’ve EVER waited is 15 minutes here and often it’s just 5 minutes or less. There is only ONE line for foreigners and Ecuadorians alike and at the head of the line, there is a digital indicator overhead that flashes up the number of the kiosk to proceed to as it becomes available. You should have your passport and the immigration entry form (the one the airline gave you) in your hands.

There are some 10 kiosks manned by immigration police officers who have only ever been diplomatic and courteous. They welcome visitors into the country efficiently via a system that is computerized.

Once through the kiosk with your stamped passport in hand you now are immediately in the baggage claim area. There are only four carousels and so trying to figure out where your baggage is going to turn up is as easy as it’ll ever get. There’s an electronic indicator to help you just in case.  Usually your bags have arrived by the time you have cleared immigration.

The carousels are very narrow so sometimes there’s a ‘baggage crunch’ on the sharp turns and somebody’s bag gets squeezed off the carousel. Not to worry, Ecuadorians delight in being helpful and will gleefully sling your baggage back on the carousel.  The quick, efficient arrival of bags is excellent and almost unknown in many Latin countries.

Now you have your bags. You can get an antiquated but effective baggage cart from the guy entrusted to dish them out. They are not free and the cost is a dollar. Still, sometimes they are a must have! You turn around and head towards the only exit possible, but first you must pass the aduanas (customs).”

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