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Ecuador Charity

Here is an excerpt from our latest Ecuador Living Update sent to EL subscribers.

An Ecuador Living subscriber sent this note in response to our Happy New Year message about Ecuador charities and Ecuador roses.

Hello Gary, and a Happy 2009 to you, Merry and the family.  I certainly hope that LOTS has not ended up being a means of distribution of candy and cookies to poor children. That may be good for some people’s conscience, but it only makes things worse. Not only is dignity torn away from the recipient communities, but their survival and work skills deteriorate.

I can’t help remembering a case that was widely publicized in Argentina a few years ago. A totally destitute family living up north, lost one child to malnutrition and they were eating earth. When consulted, they responded “nobody came to do anything for us”. They lived on the Parana river, that’s teeming with fish, on soil so fertile that ANYTHING grows on it. They’d been welfared into total passivity.

My reply might help provide some clues about charity in Ecuador…or for that matter probably anywhere.  I replied:

Please note that I was sure to mention that those were not our packages when I said: “You can see how much help is needed from the note below by our friend, Patricia McCormick, who visited a village and distributed  gift packages (I believe from another charity) to the poor.”

We have been providing computers, free English lessons, wholesome lunches at the hotel to children, free computers and are paying for six indigenous children to go to school ranging from beginners to university..and some medical care.

Other than that we try to put the foundations money into businesses to
stimulate employment as we found that just giving money away does more harm than it helps.

We do give the Catholic Cathedral some money for food and have no control over
that but overall we try to keep what we do as uplifting as we can. We talked about providing a medical bus that could visit outlying villages last year but it became political … so we pulled back from it.

This reader is right.  Giving continual crutches does not help people how to learn how to walk better. Our goal at Land of the Sun is to help people learn how to help themselves.


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