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Vilcabamba Houses & Lots

Vilcabamba houses & lots attract many of our readers.

When you see the beauty of the projects there, it is little wonder. For this is the entrance of one of Vilcabamba’s major projects Hacienda San Joaquin.


We have a continual flow of visitors visiting both in Cotacachi and at our San Clemente beach condos. Many of them have visited and or are moving to Vilcabamba which was one of the first areas that captivated us when Merri and I first visited Ecuador years ago.

Though our path has led us to north Ecuador and the coast…I know that many will love this part of south Ecuador.  This is why I am happy to send you this advertisement from Joe Simonetta the mastermind and developer of the Hacienda San Joaquín project in Vilcabamba where there are houses and lots for sale.

Joe visited Ecuador from Sarasota, Florida in August 2005 and fell in love with Vilcabamba. He hasn’t left Ecuador since then. In fact, he says, “I haven’t taken a day off since then.” Joe writes:

“Visitors to Hacienda San Joaquin invariably say that our web site photos of the ranch do not do it justice. Many who come here describe the ranch and its setting as idyllic, paradise, a refuge..Shangri-La.

Here is Hacienda San Joaquin


Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia-a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan.

Is Vilcabamba and Hacienda San Joaquin a kind of Shangri-La? The short answer: it’s probably as close as it gets.

Hacienda San Joaquín, a 663-acre ranch, is located in the beautiful Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador. The ranch is approximately two miles from the attractive, quaint and internationally renowned village of Vilcabamba, the jewel of Ecuador. The property is bordered and protected on three sides by the Andes Mountains and on the fourth by the Vilcabamba River.

The setting, within one of the world’s most spectacular regions, is extraordinary, magical, private, tranquil and soothing. There is a special feeling on this ranch noticed and commented on by visitors. An oasis, Hacienda San Joaquín is an uncommon place on the planet. Visit and you will feel it.

A limited number of unique riverfront and hillside home sites, each of various sizes and amenities, are offered for purchase. The vast majority of the property will be preserved in its natural habitat, ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

In addition to the stunning setting in the Andes Mountains, another remarkable aspect of the area is the year-around spring weather. The days are warm and the nights are cool.

A number of our property owners are building guest homes. Nine new homes are already complete at Hacienda San Joaquin. Ten more are under construction. A number of our property owners are building their guest homes first to move into while their main home is built. Nine are in various stages of construction. Two are complete, including the one shown here.


The guest home shown includes two bedrooms (one bedroom has a loft), two bathrooms, a great room (kitchen, dining and living), pantry, laundry, and porch.


This home, to include the porch, is 104 square meters (1,119 square feet). Because of the openness and volume from the high ceilings, this home has a great sense of spaciousness.


All the traditional woods (custom windows and doors) and ceramics give it a cozy feel.


We do all the woodwork, including the furniture, in our own carpenter shop.

Our hiking and horseback riding trails begin at our Equestrian and Hiking Center, located on the western side of the ranch. The trail rises north to the highest elevations of the ranch. It turns east at our northern ridge line. It continues east and terminates at our hotel, Sunrise at Hacienda San Joaquin, at the eastern end of the ranch. It is about a 4-mile track that our workers diligently cut into the rugged terrain. It’s been an enormous project.

Construction has begun on our mountainside hotel, health spa and pool, Sunrise at Hacienda San Joaquin. Expected completion for our hotel is the latter part of 2009. It will be accompanied by our riverfront health spa. Sunrise at Hacienda San Joaquin (the hotel) is connected, by our hiking and horseback riding trails, to our Equestrian and Hiking Center in the western part of the ranch.

The elegant two-floor hotel, Sunrise, will feature a variety of dining areas, enclosed porches, second floor lounge, dance floor, and covered balconies, a large subterranean wine cellar/lounge, two residential suites, several large and connected meeting rooms, and a modern and highly functional business center.

The panoramic views from Sunrise are spectacular. This photo provides a glimpse of the views.


Guests will stay in one-bedroom one bath and two-bedrooms two baths, cabanas (homes), all with similarly spectacular views. The cabanas have living, dining, entertaining, study and loft spaces, full kitchens, laundries, and porches. Sizes vary from approximately 1,100 to 1,500 square feet.

This photo shows views from our Mountain View Properties.


These are wonderful home sites with spectacular views. There are nine of these properties (one has already been sold). So, eight remain.

You can see  Hacienda San Joaquín’s web site at www.VilcabambaHomes.com

“Be sure to have a look at the “Glimpses” link at this site as it provide a lot of current information and photos.

Send your questions about Hacienda San Joaquín to joesimonetta@gmail.com

Until next message wherever you go in Ecuador we wish you good Ecuador Living.


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