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Ecuador Organic Opportunity

Ecuador organic farming offers business opportunity.

See why Ecuador diversification here.

See how you can help wonderful Ecuador organic farmers like this and earn an excellent income.


This week I am writing a special series on ways to earn income in Ecuador with Ecuador opportunities.

Personally I have purchased seven condos on Ecuador’s beach as well as an Ecuador office building.  We are expanding our Ecuador business as opportunity presents itself.   Right now we are developing a Panchakarma clinic in Ecuador.

Yet I see more opportunity than I can possibly have time to develop.

One such opportunity is in Ecuador organic farming.

We recently wrote about an Ecuador organic garden here.

Plus our site looked at Topo, an Ecuador village where our foundation is helping upgrade a school. We are also helping the village improve their water supply.

Topo  in the indigenous way, has an entire area above their village where they do not allow building. This is the village farm.

When we visited the school last week, we also walked up and visited the mingo (working party) who was working there on improving the water supply.  Here is a picture taken by our friend Dennis Goff as Merri and I headed up the mountain.


Everyone works in the mingo… men…


and women.


These farmers lead a dignified, simple and beautiful life and there is a way we can make their way of life better by helping them farm better and organically.

Here may I introduce a great business opportunity that can create profit and help this village or farmers in almost any poor country around the world.

Learn all about this Ecuador organic opportunity here.