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Ecuador Business Thoughts

An Ecuador Living subscriber shared this excellent thought.  I have written many times that there is great opportunity in providing health care for Westerners from Ecuador.


If you have access to National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine, the article on medical tourism in the current issue is a must read. Not only for the current stats, but also for the projected growth rates.

Apart from benefits to EL members, it suggests there might be investment opportunities in hospitals set up to treat expats (in the same way real estate developers in Ecuador are building to suit expats). Granting the point that the complications of dealing with any bureaucracy are monumental, with the right contacts and on-the-ground-knowledge of the country and culture, it’s possible.

Also, for people with the right skill set who are not ready to retire, there’s upcoming work as facilitators who arrange the trips.

If you can’t get to Traveler, try Healthbase, Surgical Trips and the Medical Tourism Association, all on www.medicaltourismassociation.com (assuming you haven’t already found them).

We are seeing a growing awareness of Ecuador in the US and Canada.

Another reader sent this note.

Hi Gary and Merri   Triple AAA magazine has a good article on Ecuador – Cotacachi, Calderon, Peguche, Otavalo and Cayambe.   Interesting that they pickedup on Ecuador.  I am going over June 4 for 2 months – if any help is needed let me know. Thought you and Merri would like to see this – my current results from your Export Courses – this will be in the Naples Town Shopper on April 15 –  40,000 deliveries – should be interesting to see results – slowly business is growing.


There you have it… two good Ecuador business thoughts…  provide Western health care in Ecuador and  Ecuador exports.


Here is another Ecuador business idea.

“Figure out how to sell your Ecuador exports before you buy.”

This is important because when you look at Ecuador exports you’ll find so many potential products…


Masipan for example can be made into almost any size shape form and color. The masipan here is made into dolls.

Ecuador flowers also offer incredible export potential.


As do leather products… like this made int art.


Plus their jewelry….


of every kind… unique…


and wonderful pottery products and silver… plus


so much more.

Our Ecuador Export Tours help you see many products to export from Ecuador  in the most efficient way… yet these tours also help you learn how to sell what you export.

For example our July Ecuador Export Tour will be led by Alberto Verdezoto… because his decade in the tourist industry means he knows how to get you from place to place in the safest, least expensive, fastest way.

However the tour will also be led by Maggie  Beesley.

A recent message introduced you to Maggie.  Last year she attended one of our Ecuador export courses and shares below how she sells her Ecuador exports.


Maggie writes:

Maggie and her Magical Red, Blue, Black, White, Sage, Beige, and Gray Capes” by Maggie Beesley.

In December of 2007, my husband and I fulfilled one of our life long dreams; that being of traveling to the Galapagos Islands.  Little did I know that trip would change my life forever.   After our visit to the islands, we  took a day trip to Otavalo, home of the largest outdoor indigenous market in all of South America.  At the market I purchased my Magical Ecuadorian Red Cape.  After returning home I was stopped so many times by people asking about the Red Cape…where had I had gotten it and could I get more? Gosh I would love to return to Ecuador and purchase more of the capes to sell to all those inquiring people…but that was just not going to happen.  Good dream though.

January 2008 I received an e mail from Gary Scott, telling me of an Import/Export Class to be held in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  To this day I still have no idea where Gary got my email address, but he did, and I did return to Ecuador to attend the Import/Export Class and of course purchase more of those Red Capes.  After attending the class, I knew I had found my passion, and needed to put this class to work for me. Gary talks a lot about recognizing your passion or passions. Mine are talking to people, traveling and shopping.  With that knowledge in place now, it was time to get busy developing Maggie’s Trips and Treasures. Before I began my shopping in Ecuador, I read every fashion magazine, looked through clothing catalogs, and watched what people were buying in my area of the United States.  I had to know my market.

After a year and a half of shopping and selling, I can say I am having the greatest time of my life. With each trip to Ecuador I meet the greatest people and buy the most unusual items. On my last two trips to Ecuador I have had the privilege of sharing my experiences with delegates like you while attending Import/Export classes.

The way I sell my Ecuador exports is to simply  always wear my red cape..not any other color. But I always keep  other colors of capes in the back of my car.

I wear it to restaurants, grocery store, court house…this was just this week and people simply stop me and ask we I got it.   I tell them and explain I have some in the car and sales are as simple as this.   No one can sell my treasures better than I can.  No one will be able to sell what you love as well as you can so always wear something you are selling.. That is best advertisement in the world.

I look forward to meeting, talking and shopping with all of you this July.


The last message showed necklaces and earrings that Maggie for to export from Ecuador. Here she  is wearing a necklace made of from orange peel with…


matching earrings.


Adding Maggie to the tour is not the only way we help you sell your Ecuador exports.



We hope you’ll join us to learn more business and investing opportunities globally as well as Ecuador.

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Attend any two Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$949 for one.  $1,349 for two.

Attend any three Ecuador courses or tours in a calendar month…$1,199 for one.  $1,799 for two.