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Ecuador Small Hotel Savings

Save $343 or more at small Ecuador hotels as an Ecuador Living subscriber.

To assist those interested in Ecuador Ecuador Living has established a full time full support research and assistance team to help Ecuador Living subscribers in any way required.

One benefit is hotel savings in Quito, Cotacachi, Cuenca and on the coast.

For example if you stay three days at Meson de las Flores in Cotacachi, one night is free ($79 savings).  If you stay two nights at Palmazul, one night is free ($142) and two nights at Hotel Quito, you save $122 with the discount Ecuador Living subscribers get  there.  That’s a $343 saving compared to you Ecuador Living subscription of $119.

You can subscribe to Ecuador Living here.

You gain many other benefits as an Ecuador Living subscriber. For example, the Ecuador Living staff scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch…thus avoiding brokerage fees. This is important. See why.

We also help our subscribers by asking developers (since we are not brokers and do not to accept real estate commissions) to provide discounts to our subscribers if they buy property.

For example one Quito property seller is offering a $10,000 discount to our subscribers on a spectacular Quito condo.

In another example there are 4 buildings at Primavera II in Cotacachi. The first building has condos at $46,500.

In another case on Manabi condos offered our subscribers a $10,000 savings plus a free Galapagos cruise.

Another huge benefit of subscription versus relying on brokers or travel agents is that we are not trying to sell real estate or tours is that you get our honest opinion based on 40 years of international business and 13 years residence in Ecuador.  We do not accept commission on real estate. You gain access to our extensive contacts plus you get to share the input from over 16,250 subscribers who continually let us know what they see hear and experience good and bad.

We conduct real estate tours to help our subscribers learn Ecuador’s real estate market in the most efficient way.

This complete service includes our staff being able to provide personal responses to your questions.

We share the experiences we have gained living, traveling and working in Ecuador plus personally purchasing a 962 acre hacienda, condos in the mountains, a house, a hotel, an office building, an apartment on the beach and numerous condos on the beach and in the Andes.

Our Ecuador Living service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador.

We feel the service is a bargain at our modest subscription fee.

You immediately gain other benefits as an Ecuador Living subscriber.

First, part of your subscription includes a copy of the $49 page report “Ecuador  Land of the Sun.” We email it to you at no added cost.

Second, you are provided a password to receive exclusive updates about what is going on in Ecuador.

You are entitled to free use of wireless internet at El Meson and Palmazul Spa and VOIP phone system at El Meson (free calls to Europe, Canada and the US) even if you do not stay at the hotels.

We provide three sources of FREE  information about Ecuador at www.garyascott.com, plus successguidelines.com, plus here at  Ecuador Living

If you would like more than the free data, we invite you to join us as an Ecuador Living premium subscriber.

Save on small Ecuador hotels and gain Ecuador Living benefits.

You can subscribe to Ecuador Living here.



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