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Ecuador Corruption Update

Here are more comments from another Ecuador Living subscriber on Ecuador corruption.

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Hi Gary,  while I always appreciate your wisdom, and eternal optimism I think sometimes you need to be more realistic in the information you bring to your readers.  I am sorry but I take strong exception to your views and article on corruption: it is either naive, or totally biased, and one of my biggest frustrations currently living in Ecuador !

If it doesn’t exist for you, you  must live in quite a ” secluded and gated community ” of expats when in Ecuador.   There is a lot of bureaucracy and the collective experience of many here would say  most laws, and regulations  can and will be different dependent on who you know, and what you pay !

Throughout Ecuador, the Government  has recognized the pervasive corruption that permeates this society and recently passed legislation in an attempt to make change.  From government officials receiving bribes in all types of transactions, ( customs, airports, building, health, & fire  inspectors ) ; police requesting funds to return stolen property, or ignoring a violation, or simply to pass a blockade; to the common businessman attempting to compete on an uneven playing field where competition opens up next door and is provided a significant advantage with ” free utilities,  free water, or some other incentive ”  from corrupt community  leaders;  gringo real estate sales cowboys;  common folks paying to get ahead in a bank service, electoral, or common service  line.  I can provide you many examples, and experiences from just the last several months.

Unfortunately it is a way of life here, and while it is abhorent, it must be recognized and accommodated.

(it is pervasive at all levels and isn’t going to change overnight – if in our lifetime ) in order to successfully live or do business in Ecuador.   One is simply unable to refuse and stand on their moral grounds and survive successfully here.

This is another view and we like to share all the experiences of our readers.

I hate reading how many problems our reader is having, I’ll have to stick to my guns here… not feeling naive, or biased.I have lived all over Ecuador for 15 years.  I have an active business in Ecuador.  I have purhased rural land, over a dozen condos, a house and an office building, plus a hotel that we operated and have donated well over a half  million dollars to charity in Ecuador.

Not once have I encountered corruption.  Nor have I had any of my readers bring this up before.  This is neither naive or biased thinking.  This is experience.

I have encountered this with drugs as well.   I know that there are drugs in the world but in my entire life.., living in Asia, Europe and South America, I have only been offered drugs twice… once in Hong Kong and once in Jamaica.

This may be luck, lifestyle or consciousness, but my experience is that once can live in Ecuador without corruption being a problem.


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Here is what a delegate at our last tour shared.

Dear Merri,  Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me with all this information.  Your husband cranks out such prolific pieces every day, sometimes two a day!  The tone is always so positive, and the content so interesting and informative.  Best regards to you and Gary,

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