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Ecuador Shipping

We get some requests for information about Ecuador shipping.

Those who obtain an Ecuador residents visa are allowed to bring a container of goods duty free that arrives in Ecuador, within six months of obtaining the visa.

This six month time envelope is vital and those who ship need to ship early because shipments sometimes are delayed as much as a month by customs when leaving North America.

Shipping time may be over a month so if one waits for several months before shipping the container and it is delayed, the container can arrive after the six month duty free period.

In this case the duty free staus is lost!

Merri and I have never shipped to Ecuador and almost all our readers have found it far less expensive to buy most goods in Ecuador than to ship.


For example Ecuador shipping may not make sense for tables.  This hand made dining room set built for us from solid (old) coffee wood ran $420…with 6 chairs.  You cannot beat that with shipping!

I have only had one couple tell me they shipped their goods to Ecuador.  They experienced a lot of problems. The problem was not in Ecuador shipping or Ecuador.  They shipped an entire container and stated they had the DEA in New York tear their stuff apart… break items and leave a big mess.  This is beyond the control of the Ecuador shipper.


Appliances are a bit more in Ecuador than in the US… but not enough to warrant Ecuador shipping. A gas stove like this runs between $250 and $380.

Even if we had more Ecuador shipping stories, it would be difficult to give Ecuador shipping recommendations unless we had many shipping referrals because your shipping begins where you are… so much of what you need will be local.


A couch set like this can be hand built or purchased “as is” for about $750 for two.


For example one local & long distance, residential, commercial and international moving & relocation service here in North Carolina is based in Charlotte.   They state that they serve South Carolina and the entire east coast and  provide moving, packing & relocation services, loading & unloading services, boxes, supplies & storage.  They may be a good Ecuador shipper from  NC, but if you live in California, there may other Ecuador shippers that will probably be faster and cost less.


These micro suede couches and the coffee table ran $650. The dining table and chairs $275.

Some shippers advertise full and less than full container load shipping and they have weekly sailings from any point within the United States to anywhere in the world. They offer pick up from your door and if you require delivery to your door at the final destination.  They have their own service contracts directly with the steamship lines, so can provide good rates and services for 20′, 40′, 40′ high cube, 45′ containers.


The chest of drawers runs about $150.

The best quality king size mattress in Ecuador, with bottom and box runs about $395.


Yet some items are worth shipping to Ecuador.   Merri and I find that fine (especially king size), sheets and bed spreads are much less expensive in the US.   Some materials are less in the US  as well.   We bring some in our bags on most trips.  We bought the material for the curtains above in Lenoir, North Carolina, brought them down on a trip to Ecuador.   An Ecuador seamstress made the curtains for $25.  We worried about an extra extra long rod for them…and Franklin our wonder man of Meson… said to Merri, “Please, madam, do not worry.”  I thought… well this should be interesting.  The next day the curtains were hung… we asked about the rod… and he said, “Well, we don’t have rods that long, but we have saplings that long.”

Wood products in Ecuador are hard to beat.  These full hardwood closets run the entire length of the room and were made for us for $600.


Some shippers offer mail forwarding services from the US to Ecuador as well.  See more on mail forwarding hereEcuador Living password required.

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If you are shipping cars only there are several auto shipping sites that offer service. However only returning Ecuadorians can bring in  car duty free. Learn more about Ecuador Car Prices here.  Ecuador Living password required.

Let your imagination run wild, design what you like and have it made nearby!  You’ll love the process of creativity, the exquisite finished product and the shine in your artisan’s eyes.


Ecuador Living subscribers can see a full report with rules about shipping to Ecuador from  the Ecuadorian Customs Corporation and a list of  seven shippers here.  Ecuador Living password required.

Wonderful leather chairs like this sell for about $150 each.


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