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Ecuador Business Idea

Here is an Ecuador business idea.

Combining good international investing with the greatest asset of all, the ability to earn wherever you live,  brings everlasting wealth.

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Here is Eduardo at our Ecuador hotel Meson de las flores hand making making ice cream.

Create an Ecuador Ice Cream Business

es I believe some of you can cash in on an Ecuador ice cream business. Having fun… well everyone likes Ecuador ice cream. Business too. Read why below.

A warm breeze billows a message of freshness and new crops. Patchwork quilts of green plowed by a farmer with brown and white oxen rise through the valley mists. I hang on.

Ibarra Ecuador Feb. 27 2001. I am riding in the back of a dusty, pickup truck and getting wet! I was not looking for an Ecuador ice cream business. This was Carnival and the tradition here is for the kids to throw buckets of water and water balloons at traffic that passes by. We were weaving along cobblestone village lanes watching for local aqua bombarding waifs who has been forewarned of our arrival by the roar of our engine. We were watching to know when to duck!

Our trusty driver slowed or sped up to ward off the sodden arcs as they are thrown. Most of them missed. Yet a few got lucky. One tiny, barefooted girl in a green ragged dress and a dirty nose, not more than four I would guess, caught me perfectly with a full yellow, water balloon. Our guest John, got a whole bucketful in the chest. Luckily the sun was warm, the air flows and we dry out quickly. What a fun way to conduct a business! Forget about the profits available from an Ecuador ice cream business. Well maybe not quite. See why as you read on.

Merri and I have driven with friends to look at some farms for sale. We rode along wide clean boulevards lined with stately Canary date palms, their trunks painted white as we entered this 80,000 populated town. Then we hustled into the city center to look at some secrets our friend and guide wanted to share. He was not thinking about an Ecuador ice cream business We were looking for business opportunities, but he was taking us there just for thee sweets.

The first (sweet and business opportunity) came in the form of a candy shop where they specialize in a blackberry syrup and sugarcane candy called Nogada. This walnut covered candy comes in four flavors, (blackberry, vanilla, cream and cinnamon). This delight is packaged in circular and heart shaped wooden containers (perfect for export) and is highly unusual. I bought over a dozen for gifts. The cost retail? Mere dollars.

The next surprise was even better, the Ecuador ice cream business opportunity which popped up in an ice cream shop named Rosalia Suarez. This shop, opened 105 years ago by Mama Rosalia, makes its own ice cream and sherbets on the spot. A large, round wooden bowl is lined with thatch and loaded with salt, sugarcane, ice and fruit. Stirred with a huge wooden spoon the resulting sherbet is slightly below heaven, but not much. Unless you have tasted fresh, home made ice cream on a hot day while sitting under a shady oak tree, you cannot begin to imagine the treat.

Flavors you know are blackberry, coconut, banana, mango, cream, and chocolate. Others such as guanabana, fruitilla, naranjilla, ovo, taxo and maracuya are pretty much endemic to Ecuador but no less delicious. All are served up with barquillos (wafers made from banana skin).

In the name of good journalism I had to taste them all!

They are all exquisite, I can professionally report. They also create an excellent Ecuador ice cream business opportunity.

The shop is like old fashioned soda fountains used to be, white tile floor, charming white chairs and tables and big servings. The cost for all six of us was a puny three bucks.

This is a good Ecuador ice cream business idea to take to U.S. cites especially with large Latin populations.

The farms we saw would make farmers in the north weep, direct sun 365 days a year, volcanic soil, sweet, good natured labor at $50 to $75 a month. The cows were so healthy, the fruit and vegetables so ripe and huge, the meadows so green. Prices were low. One 5,000 acre majestic farm started at $1,000,000 and I expect will sell for much less.

But the real reason we love Ibbarra (which by the way is one of the cleanest cities in Ecuador) is as a source of wood products and art. We are buying really low cost products in Ecuador and selling them over eBay. What a nice place to begin an Ecuador ice cream business.

Combining good international investing with the greatest asset of all, the ability to earn wherever you live,  brings everlasting wealth.

Why not start an Ecuador ice cream business… hand make your ice cream as we do at our hotel.  Or export Ecuador ice cream hand making ideas and good to Canada or the US.

There are even health benefits to Ecuador ice cream. See why here.


The greatest asset of all is the ability to earn wherever you live.

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