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Ecuador Electricity Shortage

Ecuador is having an electricity shortage.

About 15 years ago, when we first arrived in Ecuador, the economy was headed for trouble.  After a boom, there was a short war with Peru and then after a terrible drought Ecuador introduced electricity rationing forced by acute water shortages at the country’s main hydro-electric power plant at Paute.

In 2001 I wrote an article about this entitled, I left me Heart In San Francisco

Here is an excerpt from this article:

I was amazed at the progress that Ecuador has made as Merri & I spent a month touring the entire country looking at real estate and business opportunities there. The depression over the last two years has been hit Ecuador hard and I expected it to damage the country more.  Yet we saw progress and new roads everywhere! I found incredible opportunity as well.

Cayo Tambo (in Quichua, a place to rest), is a huge shark’s tooth peak that bites at the powder blue sky. White waters of the Paute River dash over giant river rock smoother than marble as they rush to the valley floor below the brand new road.

The last two years in this tiny mountain nation have been rough, banks closed, unemployment reached perhaps 60% and politicians acted crazy.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I have been buying land and bringing investors by the thousands. This was right, is seems. The banks are back, business is rising and land values are up nicely.

Now there are Ecuador electricity shortages again. A drought in the Andes region, is said to be the worst in four decades.   Ecuador started rationing electricity on Thursday until today, due to insufficient water levels at hydroelectric plants.

The government claims that rationing will affect homes especially hard and that businesses will not be affected.  I question this as you will see below.

The government will decide over this weekend whether to continue with rationing.

There have been blackouts in Quito, and Guayaquil, officials say…. but oir contacts suggest that the shortage is more widespread.

The government says power to residential areas will be cut by between 5% and 10%, but businesses will not be affected.   Take these statements with a grain of salt.

Our hotel Meson de las Flores says they have not yet had power outages but they say that outages elsewhere are effecting the internet servers and the phone system at the hotel.

Our contacts on the coast writes: The situation in Ecuador is rather chaotic right now due to the problems with electricity..mayor cities are 7 to 8 hours without electricity each day and internet access is limited. I am not sure how long this will be going on..I am in San Clemente and both the hotel where I am and the internet provider have generators so we are okay.

Our contact in Quito sent this note: I am writing this message on my battery energized laptop under 3 candles’ light, as outages have started in Ecuador because of the lack of rain in the area of Paute where Ecuador’s main hydroelectric plant is located.  It is the first time in something like 8 to 10 years.  I certainly hope Correa is given bad press for his administration’s lack of foresight. It will be well deserved.

In the Land of the Sun… where solar power offers such an attraction one must wonder why the government did not learn this from the last drought almost a decade ago.

This Ecuador electricity problem is likely to create opportunities again as it did back in 2000.  We’ll look for profit making ideas in Ecuador and report what we find in upcoming messages.


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