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Ecuador’s electricity blackouts are likely to persist until Ecuador’s drought subsides.

Saturday’s Ecuador Living Update entitled Ecuador Electricity Shortage suggested that we take the Ecuador government’s statement that “power blackouts would mainly affect homes and not business”  with a grain of salt.

Our friends in Salinas now confirm this fact and wrote:

“Hi Gary, You are right that not only Ecuador’s big cities experiencing electrical rationing.  Luckily in our area of Salinas we haven’t had a black out yet, but in nearby Ballenita, my inlaws were without electricity for the afternoon and evening yesterday.

“Not sure why the government would say businesses are not effected.  The evening news from Guayaquil last night showed a series of shots of all kinds of businesses that were without power yesterday, including restaurants, bakeries and doctors’ offices.

“What we are not hearing a lot of is publicity of tips for the average person on how to conserve energy.  There was a blurb on the news two nights ago reminding people to turn off the lights when they leave a room but that is about all.”

Fortunately another Ecuador Living subscriber did send us a tip on making the best with Ecuador’s power blackouts.

She wrote:  “Dear Gary,  Going to www.eeq.com.ec provides information on Quito’s electrical outages and the surrounding areas. I am not sure your community in Cotacachi will find pertinent info or not.  Listings for power outages are posted for today, Saturday, and Monday (nothing about Sunday).

“Rumors abound with statements that the outage will continue for up to 6 months, but it seems impossible to lend any credibility to such statements. What is apparent is that no one knows how long this will continue, since no one knows when it will rain again.  For us, living in a second floor condominium, dependent on electricity to our elevator, I am seriously considering going back to the US until the situation is resolved. Any information you have will be especially important to the physically challenged who depend on electricity to a degree greater than “normal” people.”

See more on Ecuador Handicapped Travel.

We will continue to monitor Ecuador’s power shortages and keep you informed. Please let us know anything you learn or experience and we will pas this along.


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