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Low Ecuador Airfare Tactic

Here is a low Ecuador airfare tactic.

Since the Ecuador air fare war began last week, we have been showing our Ecuador Living subscribers how to grab the lowest Ecuador airfares.

Some great feed back from readers in Canada and the US has been coming in.  Here is a great fare saving tactic from this feedback.

A reader from the western US just wrote:

Hi Gary, You don’t know me … yet …. but I’m planning to move to Ecuador in the future. I follow your emails excitedly and I’ll be coming to your seminars.  I wanted you to pass on to the others that Jet Blue just announced a fare sale from all over … NYC, LAX, etc. as low as $99 to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale which as you know, would make a trip to Ecuador affordable even from the west coast.

There are three gateways for US airlines… Houston, Miami and Atlanta.

When we are in NC, we fly Delta…non stop Atlanta to Quito starting in tiny Tri Cities.

When we are in Florida, we fly Miami Quito… Lan, Aerogal or if we must American Airlines.

However we are on the US West Coast a lot.   When returning to Ecuador from there,  we like to breakup the flight… go to Atlanta… Houston or Miami, spend the night and fly down.

Most west coast travelers exit via Houston on Continental… but this is not always the least expensive route.

Usually the least expensive way to fly is to look for specials from a nearby major airport to the three gateways. Then look for specials from the three gateways to Quito (or Guayaquil if you are going there)… at the same time.

For example Jet Blue was recently offering this LAX or JFK – MIA for $99.  Lan Air was offering $340 flights for Miami to Quito.  This made the fares from Los Angeles to Quito just $439!

Here is the tactic to help find these two ticket bargains to Quito and Guayaquil.

As mentioned in our last update on getting low Ecuador air fares, we sign up for airfares special alerts at four sites:





Here is the two ticket tactic…

Part 1: Give these sites your email address… your departure airport (or use Miami, New York, Atlanta or Houston-the Ecuador Gateways) and show Quito (or Guayaquil if you are traveling there) as your target airport. (I have to warn you unless you are just on the lower south coast, that it is always difficult to use Guayaquil …even if it seems like a bargain…because spending the night there must be done is a good hotel and is not cheap, transfers can be onerous, etc…so don’t fall for a lesser fare unless this is our destination.)

Each of these airfare comparison sites will alert you when specials from the US to Ecuador come up. (or Canada).

Part 2. Also give them Los Angeles, New York, Seattle or your nearest major airport as your departure airport.  Show Miami, Houston and Atlanta as your target airport.

Each of these airfare comparison sites will then also alert you when specials from your major hub to any of the Ecuador gateways comes up.

Your goal is to coordinate specials from your major airport to one of the three gateways with a special from the Gateways to Quito.

There are three downsides in this approach.

The first downside is that it is much more work lining up two special deals. Plus this reduces your odds of getting something really special regularly.

The second downside is you’ll have to check in twice. (not necessarily but usually).  Once when you depart from your major hub and again when you leave from the Ecuador gateway.

What you could do for instance is fly into Miami and/or Orlando on a very cheap flight, spend a night or two enjoy it there and then continue on.  We always pick an airport hotel that offers free transfers.

The third downside is you have to watch for baggage charges.  If the airlines you use charge for bags you bring… this cost could double (a charge for each flight) and erode or eliminate your savings.

To break your flight or not? That is the question. Some prefer this and if you do… this low Ecuador airfare tactic may create added airfare savings for you.

Use the Multi City option to further check out the overall picture…it usually doesn’t cost as much as in the past, and can be quite surprising…on Kayak, the options are 1)Round trip 2)One Way 3)Multi City…then just follow instructions from there.

And don’t forget to sign in with the internet contacts (Kayak, etc.) and fill out their form for “Email Alerts” that they will send you directly when a fare breaks.  There is not a cost or an add on for these prices and it gives you a great ability to compare everything.

In decades past, when Merri and I crossed the Atlantic every 3 weeks year in and year out, we also checked NY Times Sunday papers as well as Miami (which was our gateway) Sunday papers for all sorts of breakthroughs…today these are mostly on the internet, however, the NY Sunday Tines suggests today that the fees for weight for luggage will not grow and many other fees by airlines will be dropped altogether.

We always double check fares direct with the airline also..just in case.


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