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Ecuador Water & Food

A reader asked about Ecuador water and food.


Coffee break at Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores). See Ecuador health issues below.

Here is the question that a reader asked about Ecuador water and food.

OK, so we’re going to travel to Ecuador. Now my husband is dreaming up lots of bad stuff: non-flushing toilets, need for all kinds of vaccinations, fear of altitude sickness (he did suffer from it in Peru years ago, but I feed him better now and think he’ll be OK), water you can’t drink, food you can’t eat unless it’s cooked. He’s been reading a guide book our neighbor brought over that is 30 years old. Surely things are more up to date now, and more sanitary. Where can I get reliable information?

Here is my reply.

First really… a 30 year old book?  Please use common sense when you travel.

Up to date guidebooks are better than those 30 years old.  Merri’s recommendation is UP TO DATE The New Key to Ecuador and the Galapagos.

Regarding Ecuador water and food.

I often drink water from the tap at our hotel and in many other places and have never been sick. However I do not recommend this because I have been traveling globally for 41 years and have developed a cast iron stomach.   In Ecuador there are two types of really great, inexpensive bottled water. The main brands are Guitig (natural gas – ask for aqua con gas)  and Tesalia (no gas  ask for aqua sin gas).


Regarding vaccinations, very few delegates tell us that they have them.  Merri and I sure have not.  Only in small bits of the south and Amazon would this be needed.   See health warnings for the provinces that are at risk here.

The food in Ecuador is good.  We have never had a problem with salads making us sick for example.  In fact the healthy, delicious  Ecuador food is one great reason to visit and live in Ecuador.


This is for example is a typical coffee break at our hotel.  Hand made coconut dipped in organic Ecuador chocolate, gooseberries and strawberries… that actually taste and feel like strawberries.  This is a lot better than the donuts and danish you might get at a typical north American hotel.

Meat should always be well cooked anywhere.  Rotisserie chicken should be avoided. The center does not get hot enough.  Merri and I do enjoy eatng at some of the outdoor stalls, like…


this. However we would…


only have the corn and avoid the meat.

There are many great restaurants with really low prices. Here…


is a restaurant just round the corner from our hotel.  A full chicken dinner is $2.30 and we have never had anyone report getting sick there.

Ecuador food can really be healthy.  Even…


the welcome cakes our hotel makes for our groups, for example are made with quinoa… a full vegetable protein grain, rather than flower. Here is…


a coconut quinoa flan… little sugar… lots of protein.

We have an organic Swiss cheese factory just down the road from us. Here I am in their caves where the cheese matures.


So there are great choices of cheese… though we like the unfermeneted queso fresco best..ecuador-water-food

The seafood is wonderful and…


fresh. This is the Ibarra seafood market where the seafood is brought in directly from the sea… just a few hours away.


Meet our chefs Santiago and Alberto. They understand nutrition and style. breakfast looks like…


this and…


Here is a lunch.


Even the ketchup is served with beauty and style.


The hotel makes its own butter and…


ice cream… without sugar… just fresh juice and ice spun in a copper bowl.

During the Easter season a great soup Fanesca is served.


Made from a dozen grains… it is delicious.

Food and water in Canada ad the US are great concerns. Not so much in Ecuador.  See more about Ecuador Nutrition here.

There is one important trick about feeling good in the Andes.    Eat less at high altitude!  Digestion requires oxygen.  Ecuador’s food is so good and plentiful (especially at buffets in the big Quito hotels) that it is easy to overeat.  High altitudes have less oxygen and we have seen numerous delegates who pig out, in Quito especially, suffer from indigestion… not tourista.

Needless to say the liver uses oxygen to metabolize alcohol so a beer wine or cocktail carries a lot more kick in the mountains. Merri and I do not drink much alcohol anyway… so no problem… but if you do… do less.

For altitude sickness, the indigenous drink cinnamon & brown sugar tea (Canella Panella Te).  We have watched this work wonders on delegates who are suffering in the altitude.

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Here is delegate Barbara Humphrey taking a look.


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Her exports help create employment for poor people in Ecuador and…


included jewelry…


handmade soaps and…


food supplements.

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