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Berry Good Ecuador Income

Berry Good Ecuador Income

Here is a very good Ecuador income earning idea with berries.

Ecuador has great berries. especially strawberries,blackberries gooseberries and blueberries.


Fresh strawberries and  gooseberries served with coconut balls hand dipped in organic Ecuador chocolate by our server Eduardo at Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores).


Blackberry syrup…


preserves  and…


blackberries sold at Cotacachi Plaza.


Gooseberries in a mango-alfalfa welcome drink served at Inn Land of the Sun is delicious as well as healthy.

So I was most interested in an Ecuador income producing idea when I read Ted Tidwell’s report on blueberries tested at the at 1st EnviroSafety Inc. blending facility in Florida.

Many readers are looking for a way to earn income in Ecuador, as they help the environment, in a low stress way and Ted Tidwell, the manufacturer of organic “Truly Green” and “Biowash” has helped many in this effort.

Half the berries were sprayed with organic BioWash. Half were not sprayed.

The non-BioWashed plant had has 214 berries.  The BioWashed plant has 387 berries.  (55% increased yield).  Photos taken the last week of March, 2010.

Ecuador berries

The non-BioWashed plant has blight.

Ecuador berries

Ecuador berries

The BioWashed plant was clean.

This is why I have been recommending the business idea of using, distributing and/or exporting Ted’s organic bio solutions to emerging countries for years.

Ted Tidwell has been a friend and reader for decades and he gave me a bottle of this organic, biodegradable degreaser called  “Purely Green Clean”.

Merri and I spray this on strawberries and all other fruits and  vegetables. We wash all the produce we buy with it as it is a carcinogen-free all purpose cleaner.

Strawberries, grapes, peaches, plums, lettuce, carrots, etc, are better as it removes all the toxic insecticides. This also improves the taste plus helps keep everything fresh and edible for several extra days or weeks.

Another extra benefit: Purely Green Clean is really cheap… only about $0.80 per quart when ordered directly from the factory in concentrates.

That name was inspired by the Canadian Home Depot with the conclusion that this is the only cleaner that is Purely Green.

Ted’s Stuff Purely Green Clean and Biowash creates a new import opportunity in Ecuador or anywhere that citrus or really any fruit/vegetables are grown.

Here is where the opportunity comes in. The product can help farmers in many countries in many ways.

Purely Green Clean proved more effective than the highly toxic Bayer chemicals.

You may have a business opportunity as special price discounts are available for fruit growers who wish to provide photos and written test results.

If this is of interest to you there is an excellent summation in a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”

Get a free copy emailed to you by Ted Tidwell. His email address is below.

This product could be an excellent import to Ecuador or any country that has a lot of agriculture.

Over the years, Ted has discovered that this degreaser and some derivative formulas make excellent bio washes, fertilizers and even pesticides (though they cannot be sold as such in some countries).

These solutions are certified free of all carcinogens.

One of the world’s largest retailers did an intensive study of all “green” and “environmental” cleaning products and discovered that these cleaners of Ted’s are the only truly green ones.  Many other “safe” cleaning products contain ethylene oxide and dioxane, both known to cause cancer.

Truly Green may give you a way to start small at gaining extra income and freedom, as you earn in more than one place and help the environment, in a fun and low stress way.


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You can get more details about distributing “Purely Green Clean” and a PDF file prepared entitled “Combatants in the War Against Citrus Greening May Have Some New, Safer, All Natural, Weapons.”from the manufacturer Ted Tidwell at tedtid7@yahoo.com or  call 888-578-9600. See more at www.1stEnviroSafetyInc. com or call

I have no financial interest in this product nor am I compensated in any way by the manufacturer of Purely Green.  I have been a user of  Purely Green Clean for more than a decade, love the stuff… what it does for the environment and I have used… and paid for thousands of dollars of this product.  Ted Tidwell does also give me some Purely Green from time to time to use in agricultural tests to write about.


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