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Ecuador Spanish Dream

Numerous delegates who attended our Super Thinking, plus Ecuador Spanish course report that they begin to dream in Spanish.

We know that education is more successful when students relax and have fun.


So we look for fun ways to teach classes. It’s an on-going process but you can see how our Spanish Course delegates below have fun as they string out sentences after just 4 days in class.


If you consider learning a language to be improbable or even impossible it’s not. Learning is easy when you are having fun.

Spanish is probably one of the easiest or maybe even the easiest language to learn. I didn’t really appreciate this until I learned from Merri some of the techniques that she had unveiled as she taught herself Spanish many years ago in Yucatan.

The fact is there are 4,005 words which are very similar and most are the same in English. Knowing this is an encouraging start.  Knowing just 17 taught lessons gives you these 4,005 words and allows us to add those rules to your ‘Spanish tool bag’.

Then all you have to know is how to pronounce the words and how to string them together.  Spanish pronunciation is easier than English because there is a profound lack of exceptions to the rules. Every word is pronounced according to the rules and apart from the occasional strange place names there are no funny exceptions….much different than English.

Consider the English words ‘rough’, ‘bough’, bought’, ‘through’ and ‘though’ – the ‘ough’ part is pronounced all these different ways … pity the English language learner having to decide how to pronounce any new word with ‘ough’ in it.

Super Thinking Plus Spanish is primarily about communication… not learning rules of grammar.  Many language teaching techniques leave students embarrassed or afraid to speak the language because they are confused after having ‘swallowed’ too many grammar pills.


Granted, some grammar is necessary but it is kept to the absolute minimum.  You learn 15 starter phrases and  how to say ‘I’ or ‘you’ in these phrases. Many of the 4005 words you already know are verbs in their base form such as ‘to work’ which is “labor”.   You also learn ‘finishing phrases’ which are normally expressions of time and places. You learn quickly how to say “I want to eat lunch now”, or “Do you want to visit the doctor later?”

This is communication at its most basic, but what hundreds of our students  have found is that as in most endeavors in life, success breeds enthusiasm and confidence, which in turn breed more success.

You learn how to ask questions, express your desires, needs and preferences by the third day of this four day course.

Super Thinking plus Spanish works so well because it blends advanced learning techniques first brought to the world’s attention by Dr. Gregori Lozanov, the Bulgarian master. A number of super learning books have been written about him.

Super Thinking plus Spanish goes far beyond Lozanov’s system as it incorporates a unique system Merri, who was a loanguage major in Germany, developed after being taught by Dr. Lozanov.    There is no other beginner’s course in a Spanish speaking country that incorporates Lozanov’s methodology to relax and aid speedy, fun learning.

This year only one of these courses is schedule for Cotacachi which adds the ability of getting out into the community and practicing what we learn AND incorporate a simplified content to get you communicating much faster than normal.

This Spanish course builds confidence and enthusiasm so that when you leave you are motivated to continue studying.

Here is how one couple, aged 78 and 64 years who tour Spain virtually every year yet had always had difficulty mastering the language, explained the course.

“We loved the tours and found that the Spanish course was just right for us. Indeed, we have both been motivated to learn more. We have bought little mp3 players and we each have all 6 of your Super Thinking Spanish CDs already downloaded and in use …. I’m also going to get hold of a Michel Thomas course and put that on as well. So thanks again for providing such an inspirational starter course. (Major thanks to Merri and Gary for having the knowledge to make it possible )”


We have one Super Thinking plus Spanish course this year next month, May 9 to 12, 2010.

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