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One Benefit of visiting Ecuador is to reduce stress and enjoy a more laid back life on the equator.

Our Ecuador shamanic minga tours can be real stress busters. This message looks at three ways to relieve stress.

There are many places where you can relax in Ecuador….such as Chachimbiro spa.


There are numerous thermal pools in the Andes. Chachimbiro is our favorite because parts of it are so natural and uncrowded.

Ecuador is famous for its longevity and shamanic health secrets that are incorporated in our shamanic minga tours.

Plus while in Ecuador you may solve some of your wealth issues as well. Low cost living and incredible real estate value can relieve a lot of stress!

Not all of  Chachimbiro is natural.  There are public pools and private.

The public pools as these shots show are…


a little…


commercial, though the kids love them.


There are ads for a…


cable car or…


cable ride.

There is also oxygen therapy and volcanic mud massages.


The restaurant is…


charming and quite good if…


you go during the week when it is not crowded.  Here are Merri and Jean Marie Butterlin (who conducts our Spanish and shamanic minga courses in Cotacachi) headed for a quiet, delicious lunch.  The meals are also…


inexpensive… fish, rice, salad and lemonade for $3.50 or…


a quarter oven roasted chicken… rice… salad and mineral water… also $3.50.

However for reducing stress we feel that the  Arco d’Iris (Rainbow) private private pools are superior… more private.

We leave early morning to visit these pools and usually have them to ourselves like this.

Arco Iris

The Arco Iris pools  looking east to the Andes.

It should come as no surprise that there are actually dozens and dozens of hot springs just waiting to be visited and in some cases even discovered. The Andes mountain chain forms part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and they run right through Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian Andes is made up of hills, mountains and volcanoes; 265 volcanic structures to be exact including those in the Galapagos. Most of these volcanic sites are found in the eastern cordillera of the Andes (there are 2 chains of mountains in the Ecuadorian Andes) and according to a study by the University of Pisa in Italy there are 250 sites in Ecuador where springs of all types emerge.

The emergence of hot springs around volcanoes has no relation to recent activity or the size of the volcanoes. The two volcanoes with most hot springs around them are Volcan Chiles on the Colombian border and Ilalo in the valley just to the east of Quito. Both are inactive volcanoes and neither are considered high in comparison to the snow-capped volcanoes that lie the length of the Ecuadorian Andes.

The majority of hot springs emerge from the ground close to volcanic sites but not all do. Some springs seemingly have a direct connection to the magma that lies beneath the earths crust, in other words the gases that escape under high pressure turn into water as they near the surface.

These hot springs near Cotacachi are at the head of a wide ravine about one hour from Cotacachi. There are actually three sites but our favorite is called The Rainbow.  Merri and I soak in its heavily mineralized waters as often as we can.  We recommend that you take an extra day when you visit to soak in the pools in the morning and then rest in the afternoon.  This really wipes out stress!

The waters have been the subject of many scientific investigations over the years and contain chlorates and sulphates of iron, magnesium, chlorine, copper, iodine, sulphur. These minerals act as digestive and purgative regulators and they stimulate the diuretic, cardiovascular and nervous systems. They also help with skin conditions, and help greatly with rheumatism and arthritis.

The waters at Chachimbiro come from a volcanic source and have been known about and used medicinally since pre-hispanic times. Unfortunately, throughout Latin America medicinal properties of thermal waters were ignored by the Spanish conquerors and bathing in thermal waters for medicinal benefit was perceived by society as something only the most lower class people would indulge in.

There is also another Chachimbiro pool nearby. This is a smaller private pool and the water in the hot pool is about 110 degrees… really hot! The  cooler pool is 95 degrees. Here is a group who visited after a Super Thinking plus Spanish course. .

ecuador june 08 046

Entering the warm pool courtesy Frank Thibault

ecuador june 08 042

The views are spectacular and for any wanting to stay a while longer there are quaint rooms available at $20 per night per person including meals!

ecuador june 08 055

Stay in a rustic room.

The cost to get to Chachimbiro is $30 in a taxi from Cotacachi including a the driver waiting of roughly 2 hours. Most times the entrance fee is $4. Be sure to avoid the weekends if you want a peaceful soak.

We normally find time to visit a Cotacachi Hot Springs on our Spanish course…. recommend that when you visit Cotacachi… stay  one day extra for Chachimbiro pools.


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