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Galapagos Special

See a Galapagos special below.

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Last month a message at this site introduced a brand new program of Galapagos Safari Camp & a 4 day/3 night cruise on board the luxury Galapagos Catamaran cruiser M/C Athala and said:

The Galapagos Safari Camp is a 175 acre farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island bordering the national park, 30 minutes from the sea. The farm is rich in bird life with finches, warblers, mockingbirds, Galapagos doves, egrets and owls — tortoises also make frequent visits. The farm has many local species of trees, such as scalesia, guayabillo, and palo santo which are rapidly regaining a foothold after years of cattle farming.

The camp has 9 luxury safari tents perched on a hill, providing comfort and privacy in the wilderness.


All tents have a balcony with views of the park and the ocean.


The tents are spacious, attractively decorated, and each has a private bathroom, with hot shower and toilet.


Guests can gather by the fireplace in the main room to view the sunsets, taste our chef’s creative dishes that cater for the international palate in the panoramic dining room or enjoy the tranquility of the infinity pool with fabulous ocean scenery.


Here is the Athala.


One of the most luxurious Galapagos cruises.


Only 16…


people cruise at a time.


We have made arrangements with our friend, Kjetil Haugan, to let our readers know about Galapagos specials. We just received this note:

“Gary  We are offering a special rate of only $3,470 (with double occupancy) with our Land & Sea program combined with the Galapagos Safari and our 4 day M/C Athala http://www.athalacruise.com/ cruise for the following dates:

June 2 to 8
July 7 to 13

Here is a description of the tour.

Galapagos Tour

Galapagos Tour

Galapagos Tour

This rate includes a free flight from Quito or Guayaquil to the islands!

You can obtain more information about the Galapagos Safari Camp and Cruise from Isabel at isabel@haugancruises.com

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