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Ecuador Fears

Conditions in Ecuador create some fears. As they do in the USA and Europe and Thailand and pretty much in the rest of the world.

Ecuador trains maybe have some risk but…


these delegates sure enjoyed a mountain train ride as they took the scenic train…


passing through green through mountains and blue skies from Ibarra to Salinas.   Getting a good sun tan in the midst of winter.


Here is the train from Ibarra to Salinas, (north) Ecuador.

Yet many people miss this adventure because they fear that Ecuador’s trains are really old.


Our Garyascott.com messages today looks at how an investment in trains helped me highlight the importance of matching lifestyle with investing and business.

This message is about fear and how people miss so much in life because they are confused by all the negative noise especially when when it comes to investing, business and Ecuador or other countries outside their existing world.

Many people are concerned about Ecuador politics such as the reader who sent me this note.


My reply to this reader is that first… as is shown in the links below… I have written quite a lot about Ecuador’s politics and risks and such.  I have also written innumerable times about the conditions in Merri’s and my lifestyle that lead us to continually turn property in Ecuador and the USA.

I just wish that readers would check our search engines first.

Plus let me make a bold statement. The most destructive feature we can have personally… in a society or any type of organization is fear.

We’ll skip the biological, hormonal scientific backup for this.  Believe me.  There is plenty… but let’s for the moment accept the comment on fear in FDR’s First Inaugural Address: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

Readers send these notes asking why I don’t publish more stuff about the risk in Ecuador.  Why not?

Our mission statement  looking for positive information that can help our readers make their lives better.

If a person wants to read mostly useless scare tactics and bad news about economics… politics…. life just about anywhere… there are plenty of other places to go.

Really… what in the heck good does it do to know some person in some place doing something bad?  Most news is aimed at stimulating negative imagination… because  fear sells.  Yet I can look back over years or decades at all the bad news reported in just about any country.  Almost none of it bore any real negative fruition.

Most news is speculative (mainly negative) data aimed at exciting an adrenaline rush from the imagination of the reader. Plus it all seems to be the same stuff.  Every newspaper has the same headlines… most of it not meaningful and a waste of time.  I read USA Today… New York Times…  Wall Street Journal…  Financial Times…. Time… and the Economist for news. Often wonder why?  The headlines almost almost always seem… the same.

Do readers really want me to send them more of this negative stuff?“, I ask.  I don’t think so.

Maybe instead they would like something that is a little useful and can lead to positive advances in their lives.

After all… you can have all the fears you want but… the world is richer… has more people… who can do more than ever before.  Those are facts.

Yet my friend Thomas Fischer of Jyske was in Montreal yesterday. I talked to him and he told me that he had just concluded speaking at a seminar with 350 Americans and he had never seen such desperation on the part of investors to get their money out of the USA.  This is at a time when history suggests that the US and the world is at the threshold of the greatest socio economic spurt in the existence of humanity.

Railroads.  We saw earlier that many fear  Ecuadorian railroads.  Many investors fear US railroads as well.

I recently researched data about Warren Buffet’s investments in US railroads and saw this quote that says a lot about fear:  The key to that last sentence is the word “investors”. Most individuals who buy and sell shares are traders, not investors. These are people looking for a quick buck. The type of action that reflects an attitude more suited for the Las Vegas Strip, not the undying, under appreciated sex appeal attached to the US$500 monthly deposit in the retirement fund.

Without becoming too insipidly philosophical here, let me quickly add this. Blaise Pascal once said: “Most of men’s problems arise from their inability to sit quietly and alone”.

That’s a fair point. Actually, that’s a very good point.

It takes a rare soul to patiently sit on a US$32 billion Korean steel stock when the daily headlines of even the most conservative publications saturate our brains with tales of highflying hedge fund managers making upward of US$1 billion annually or A-list celebrities with nothing more than a high school degree receiving a US$20 million payday.

But take solace in this. As Max Ehrmann wrote: “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

This quote gets to the gist of the problem we all face in investing… in business and in life. We are surrounded by a huge media machine that uses fear and greed to continually sway the herd. Almost none of the fear is based on fact. Rarely does the short term moves created by this fear and greed do anyone much good for long.

Here are seven really important facts.  #1: Mankind is still here. #2: There are more of us than ever before. #3: We have more than ever before. #4:We know more than ever before. #5: We can communicate better than ever before.  #6: We can move more easily than ever before.  #7:The masses are reflecting increasingly on things beyond the material wealth.

Live, invest and do business based around these seven beliefs and you can’t be too far off balance.

If you want to read about risk and politics in Ecuador there is a list of just a few of the pages published at our site below.

But don’t expect too many negatives, outrages or scandals. Merri and  have been living, investing and doing business globally for 42 years and in Ecuador for 15. Despite all the negative noise we have just seen things getting better… so that’s what we believe in… success through serving an increasingly abundant and more spiritual world.


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