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Ecuador Shamans Use Color

Ecuador shamans use color in their health balancing.


Delegates often notice that Merri and I dress alike… sort of like kids in school going steady.   Here we are walking to our Blue Ridge seminar hall to conduct a course.  Yet we have been married for almost 30 years and there is another reason.

The purpose of our wearing the same colors is linked to why this is my screen saver and…


this is the color code that you see in each email I send you from Ecuador Living.com and www.garyascott.com

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There are many foundations of wealth that go beyond logic.

One foundation of wealth are frequencies in the wave length that stimulate our eyes and we call color.

Andean shamans believe that these frequencies have subtle but profound effects on our being and different frequencies in the visual range have an impact different parts of our being.  Since the Spanish Conquistadors and the Church were effective in destroying the quipu  (sometimes called talking knots, these quipu were recording devices… the equivalent of books used in the Inca Empire and its predecessor societies in the Andean region)… there is no written data about this that I know of.

However we can see the use of color in Ecuador shaman ceremonies.

ecuador shamanic color

Here is Clemencia the Shamana of Zuleta using color in a ceremony on one of our Ecuador shamanic tours.

We can also study the Indian science of life.  The root of Quechua the language of the Andes is Sanskrit so at some time there was a great connection between the Andes and India.  Many words in the Andean healing discipline are similar or the same as in India’s healing science so we can some insights in this was as well.      

This photo from reiki-for-holistic=health.com shows the impact of color on our being via the Andean-Indian connection.

Here are a few things I do based on what  have learned about color from the Andean shamans.


I try to make sure that I am working facing east and try to be at work during the sunrise. Here my office view as the sun rises in North Carolina about this time of year.


Then I try to stop working about the time the sunsets.  My North Carolina view  of the sunset.

Many years ago Merri and I lived for a winter with a Taita Yatchak and his apprentices. We lived as they did, without electricity, hot water or even a roof over our heads at night. We took all the shamanic lessons and one lesson was for abundance.

The Yatchak used to say that for wealth, we should visualize Golden Orange… the color of abundance.

Vedic traditions also suggest we should have our business office face towards the east.

Here is sunrise at our Florida home.


and the sunset filling our house with golden orange… frequencies of wealth… evenings and morn.


Here is the view I see as I type away in our Cotacachi, Ecuador penthouse around six in the morn.


Here are the frequencies when I stop… an dusky evening glow.


So when I send you messages surrounded in orange… I am hoping to stimulate in subtle but profound ways the energy that relates to abundance within you!


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