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Ecuador Export Ideas

Ecuador exports include arts and crafts from the Cotacachi and Otavalo area.

Bonnie Keough who conducts the Ecuador Export Expedition will have a talk with demonstrations at our North Carolina course June 24 to 27.

There are so many export products to see that these tours have been expended an extra day visit along the Crafts Trail.  The areas of Otavalo, Cotacachi  as well as San Antonio and Peguche and other smaller village will be visited so delegates can learn possibilities for starting a business exporting the Ecuador arts and crafts from these areas.

During the Ecuador export tours delegates meet  little known producers in Cotacachi and close by,


Here a sculptor at the Fuentes Brothers workshop delicately chisels a Christ’s head.

The same skills used to carve amazing artistic pieces are also applied to more practical products such as this furniture below.


San Antonio and Quito are two centers of furniture production


We visit the workshop of Jose Cotacachi. A delegate poses alongside Jose after purchasing the center wall hanging.

Even with the additional one day expansion,  this Ecuador export tour does not have time to visit all the producers so Bonnie puts on an exhibition at Meson de las Flores as well during the evening.

When word gets out that there is an exposition… obscure artisans come from all parts of the area.

Here are a few who regularly appear.


Artist Montero produces exquisite watercolors for as little as $25 such as those below

P1030283 P1030284


Local weavers displays tapestries – why not have your own design woven locally?


Hand knit woollen sweaters prove a big hit time and time again at $15.


Totally natural medicinal and beauty products from the Amazon are distributed by our very good friend, Alberto Verdezoto. Prices are eye poppingly low and Alberto and Didier (the herbalist) are looking for distributors in other countries.


Mario is a jeweler who comes in from Quito with his one of a kind fantasy design also has great prices.



Juan produces wonderful pre-Colombian designs on recycled card.


A local family of musicians make and sell instruments, pan pipes at $2 each at a local workshop


display them .. the large tubular horns at left are small compared to the 35 foot horns used to announce village meetings.


The crafts people also play and dance during supper – using the very same hand made instruments, such as charangos, a small guitar-like instrument, which used to be made using armadillo shells.  They I might add are no longer made like that in Ecuador.

Bonnie’s Ecuador Export Expedition helps those interested in creating earning abroad.