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Here are ways that readers are using Ecuador blogs and websites to earn.

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Many readers who want to live full or part time in Ecuador worry that they will be technologically deprived.

Far from it. Even in small villages like Cotacachi and Mindo… there is fill access to broadband.  Merri and I run our entire Internet business form Ecuador when we are there.

Here are three examples of how readers are using blogs and websites in Ecuador.

Ken Fast used 25 years of international experience in producing, writing, and media project development to create Chasqui  Motion Films. The business
mission is to develop and produce entertaining stories which impact people.

Ken uses the Internet and his website to find non profit partners and provide film production models that are cost-effective and encourage local entrepreneurship and collaboration.  The Projects are designed for profit, with a focus on the vast potential of the worldwide web, while creating new opportunities for those less privileged.  So Ken uses the web from Ecuador to find business and produce films.

See Ken’s site at Chasquimotionpictures.com

Others are creating websites to sell real estate.  Here are two readers selling a house in Mindo at Mindo dreams

Phil Ware created the Ecuador4U Blog

My view is that Phil is having fun, enjoying life and building his house.  I suspect this blog will bring him some building clients along the way.

Here is Phil’s latest addition.

Felipe Project: 40 Days

June 6, 2010

“And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth.
 After the flood all the colors came out.
It was a beautiful day.
 Don’t let it get away”
Beautiful Day – U2

Mt. Imbabura from the new terrace.


Try to imagine this scene:  another spectacular day at the foot of the Andes.   Bright white clouds drifting above and below the peaks.  Now, zoom into the house project.  The sound of much work being done, welder buzzing as the sky bridge is being put in place, angle grinder cutting the rebar in preparation of the second loza, hammers pounding. Then in the background you hear the melodic chords of “Beautiful Day”.  Yes, another beautiful day here in Cotacachi.  Wish you were here.

Day 26: Maestro’s discussing installation of skybridge
Day 30: installing skybridge

One of the major milestones since the last update has been the completion of the second loza.  This pour was bigger and more difficult (because of the height) than the first one.  The preparation and process were the same except using a machine that lifted big buckets of concrete from the ground.  This helped tremendously.  All of the concrete was still mixed by hand.  I calculate that the pour was about 10 tons.  We worked straight through once we started and had a hearty traditional meal prepared by Humbert’s wife and niece at the end of the day.

Day 33: Hoisting the machine in place for the second loza
Machine in place for loza
Lifting concrete
Mixing concrete

Well we are now 40 days into the project and believe it or not we are ahead of schedule!  This week the Maestro and I had a checkpoint meeting, which consisted of talking for about 10 minutes at my breakfast bar (life does not have to be complex).  With Inti Rami coming up at the end of June we talked about what we needed to do to finish the first level apartment.  I need to move into it so that the person renting the second story of the main house can move in.  Using Spanish as the bridge language between Quichua and English we went over everything that needed to be done to complete the first level apartment.  As a result he thought he could get it done on June 23rd before Init Rami starts on the 24th.  Well my friends, that is 1 week ahead of schedule, plus I added the little detail of building an entire second level.

Day 35: Finishing the terrace wall
Day 37: Finishing first level walls

Finishing June 23rd would be a total of 53 works days, however if you factor in the days to build the second ceiling, sky bridge, additional entrance walkway and the work to finish the top level of the house which I figure is a minimum of 8 days, you have a completed first level apartment in 45 days!  This all about planning, flexibility and good honest work.  The Maestro and I are in complete lock step and on the same page which does not require speaking the same language.

So, where are we at on day 40?

– Apartment First Level – all exterior walls are up, ceiling complete, electrical and plumbing roughed in.  Interior walls up and 80% finished kitchen counter and cabinets roughed in, sidewalk and stairs complete.

– Apartment Second Level – columns/ceiling poured, electrical and plumbing roughed in.

– Apartment Terrace – stairs poured, floor poured, terrace wall complete, sky bridge poured.

– Front Entrance – sidewalk poured, plumbing and electrical pipes set.

– House Second level – new closets built, prep for gas line, all walls primed.

Day 40: New walkway
Thanks, Phil…very interesting countdown! 
If you move to Ecuador… do not expect to be technologically deprived.  Merri and I have had day traders stay with us and trade from Ecuador.  Everyone who visits us enjoys our free broadband and VOIP phone calls that are free for reaching the US Canada and Europe.  I still Skype with our children who live in Florida; Oregon; Bristol, England; Swaziland and London… from Cotacachi.
If you need the internet in your life, as Merri and I do, in Ecuador  you will not be deprived.
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