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Quinoa Health Tip

Here is another quinoa health tip.

A reader sent this quinoa health tip in  response to the quinoa tabouleh recipe we recently posted.

Hey Gary,  I thought I would let you know that this dish can be made even more healthy by sprouting the quinoa instead of cooking it.  I’ve been making sprouted quinoa tabouleh for over 10 years and everyone I’ve ever served it to raved about it and had no idea it wasn’t cooked.  Sprouting increases the nutritional value exponentially, developing enzymes that are beneficial to digestion and you have a raw, living food that is very easy to digest and the vitamins & minerals are much more easily assimilated.

Here are a couple of sprouting methods:


Quinoa Sprouts from Red Quinoa
Quinoa Sprouts from Red Quinoa


I simply clean & rinse the quinoa & then soak it for 4-6 hours & drain in a fine mesh colander that I picked up in Cotacachi for $1.  I then set the colander in a place where it can drain & breath from the bottom & cover the top with a clean cloth (I use the dish rack).  I rinse them under the faucet every 8 hours until they are ready.  I usually only let them sprout for 24 hours & let them dry throughly before refrigeration.

Sprouted quinoa has many uses including making a tasty simple drink that is loaded with good bacteria, vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids. I used to make it for hundreds of people at a health institute in Puerto Rico I worked at and everyone loved it.   If you are interested I’ll send you the instructions (can’t now–have to go to Ibarra).  It would be a very nice addition to the Quinoa Cafe, as you’d be offering something wonderful I’m sure no one else in Ecuador is offering.  Regards, Michael

When in the US, Merri and I buy our quinoa in bulk at the health food store or order it from Jaffee Brothers. The price is currently running around four dollars a pound.


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Enjoy some quinoa treats.

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