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Ecuador Visa Update

Here is an Ecuador visa update from an Ecuador Living recommended attorney.

A reader sent this note: Hi Gary,  I am very confused by the visa procedure.  The Ecuadorian Embassy is telling me that I cannot get a resident visa from the embassy in the US.  I am instructed to get a six month visa here in the US which permits me to move to the country and then apply for a resident visa whilst I am living in Ecuador.  I am purchasing a condo in Cuidad del Mar and also receive Social Security.

As I had intended shipping a few household items and bringing my pets I want to make sure that I am understanding the embassy instructions correctly.

Thank you,
I referred this question to our attorney and here is Flori’s reply:

The instructions you have received from the Ecuadorian Embassy are correct.  As for the category of visa you want to apply for, if you would like to get a pensioner visa you need to get  a certificate from the entity you receive the pension from, get it notarized and then apostilled or officially signed and stamped by the Secretary of State in your State.  (The pension must be a minimum of  $800 a month ). 

If you plan to get an investor in real estate visa, make sure that the property your purchasing has price on the deed of minimum $25,500; the reason I mention this is because we usually write the municipal appraisal value on the deed which is much lower than the real price you pay for the property.  We would  be gad to answer any further questions you might have.

Best regards,

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