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Ecuador Spices

Ecuador spices are special and really inexpensive and good.
Several spices are really good for health, such as Turmeric and ginger… which in many countries are consumed almost every single day… or should be.

So this article about Ecuador spices from Jean Marie Butterlin captured my attention.

How spices and herbs from Ecuador will help you live longer and better!

By Jean Marie Butterlin

Since we have been spending more time in Ecuador, my wife, Pascale, and I have been amazed at how much the Ecuadorian cuisine is rich in subtle flavors, spices and herbs, that have strong anti-aging properties.

We have visited with Didier Lacaze (an herborist and frenchman) in Puyo recently, one of the most knowledgeable person in Ecuador about Ecuadorian plants and herbs.

He grows his owns plants and herbs on a 2 acre farm around his house, with the help of his wife Rosa (the daughter of a Shaman) ; he has spent 20 years with a shaman in the jungle, who has taught him everything about the medicinal plants of the Amazon. He is considered the “white shaman” in the Pastaza province of Ecuador.

He showed me a some of the herbs and plants he was growing.


This is turmeric (or curcuma), one ingredient of the Indian curry mix.

Here is Didier Lacaze’a aid washing freshy harvested Ginger roots.


He reminded me that Ecuador not only grows plants native from the Amazon but also a lot of other herbs that were brought during the centuries by the Spaniards i.e. ginger, turmeric (with its main ingrédient: curcuma); turmeric is for me a “Wonder” spice ;

Here is what the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University has to say about turmeric properties :

Antioxidant Activity

Curcumin is an effective scavenger of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species in the test tube (in vitro) (12, 13). However, it is not clear whether curcumin acts directly as an antioxidant in vivo. Due to its limited oral bioavailability in humans (see Metabolism and Bioavailability above), plasma and tissue curcumin concentrations are likely to be much lower than that of other fat-soluble antioxidants, such as alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). However, the finding that oral curcumin supplementation (3.6 g/day) for seven days decreased the number of oxidative DNA adducts in malignant colorectal tissue suggests that curcumin taken orally may reach sufficient concentrations in the gastrointestinal tract to inhibit oxidative DNA damage (11). In addition to direct antioxidant activity, curcumin may function indirectly as an antioxidant by inhibiting the activity of inflammatory enzymes or by enhancing the synthesis of glutathione, an important intracellular antioxidant

Also see this article in Wikipedia on other potential health benefits of turmeric:

Preliminary medical research

Turmeric is currently being investigated for possible benefits in Alzheimer’s disease,  cancer, arthritis, and other clinical disorders.

In the latter half of the 20th century, curcumin was identified as responsible for most of the biological effects of turmeric. According to a 2005 article in the Wall Street Journal, research activity into curcumin and turmeric is increasing, with supplement sales increased 35% from 2004. The U.S. National Institutes of Health currently has registered 19 clinical trials underway to study use of dietary turmeric and curcumin for a variety of clinical disorders (dated February 2010).


Here is another good article on turmeric by the Brain Research Institute of UCLA : “Out of the spice box, into the lab” by Hilary E. MacGregor.

“Turmeric, an Indian staple, has long had medicinal uses. Now the West is taking notice. Living better and longer requires a lot of small and easy simple steps in your everyday life; one of theses steps involves having your cabinet full of these herbs that will make your food tastier but also give you important nutrients that fight the aging process :

“It is much simpler than you think, to make these small changes in your life, that can affect your health in a big way!”

Pascale and I, have homes in 3 countries and the one thing that is common to all our homes is the spice cabinet.  We also have 2 fresh herb gardens in our home in Spain. One of the first things we did when arriving in Ecuador was to put together a set of herbs and spices that we like and it was so easy because Ecuador offers even more types of these Super Foods than elsewhere in Europe for less.

Here are the facts about a few easy to find herbs and spices :

–       Half a teaspoon of cinnamon has as many anti-oxydants than 2/3 of  a cup of almonds.

–       A half teaspoon of oregano contains as much anti-oxydants as 3 cups of fresh spinach.

–       A teaspoon of rosemary contains as much anti-oxydants as half a cup of carrots or tomatos.

And then of course,  turmeric or curcuma that has such medicinal qualities (the Indians have used it in their curry as well as in ayurvedic medicine for centuries).   The Ecuadorian use it for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Here are a few simple things we do in our “cocina” in Cotacachi :

–       we drink a lot of locally grown herbal tea esp. Herba Luisa or Cedron.

–       we add Cayenne Pepper and/or turmeric to our guacamole or houmus.

–       we add thyme to our tuna or seafood salads as well as our omelettes.

–       we spice all of our salads and veggies with good quality black Pepper.  Black Pepper potentizes ten times the bioavailability of turmeric; always add black Pepper when you use turmeric… and bon appétit!

Jean Marie

Jean Marie Butterlin, was born in France and after graduating in 1977 from the engineering college ICAM in Lille (France) moved to United States where he developed a homeopathic and dietary supplement business in Houston TX, with an aim at exporting the US made products  into Europe, with emphasis towards Belgium and France.


Jean Marie Butterlin

After living part time on both sides of the Atlantic he moved back  in 2002 to Europe where he has a prosperous business in the natural health field i.e. phytotherapy, mineral supplements, specialty cosmetics, as well as Quantum medical technology, internet publishing for the anti-aging market.

This quest for anti-aging remedies, products and techniques has lead him to discover Ecuador with its valleys of longevity, where he is researching and developing new approaches to live longer and better and bringing the new products and techniques to more and more people in the United States and Europe.

Jean Marie moved with his family to Cotacachi where he conducts the Ecuador real estate, shamanic minga and export tours that we support.


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Out of the spice box, into the lab