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Intag-A Natural Delight

Intag Cloud Forest is one reason why Ecuador was named by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top ten adventure destinations for 2007. The Intag – An Introduction By Bonnie Keough Bonnie will conduct the new expanded September 2 through 6, 2010 Ecuador Export Tour. Few know it and even fewer go there, but […]

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Cotacachi Food Contest

A Cotacachi food contest focused on Ecuador’s food. Our recent message Quinoa Quantum Ecuador Food looked at Quinoa the high protein Andean grain.  Quinoa was featured in the recent Ecuador food contest… reported here by Bonnie Keough who works with our Ecuador Living subscribers and conducts the Ecuador export tours. Local Flavor By Bonnie Keough […]

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Ecuador History

Ecuador’s history helps make Ecuador a great place to be. Ecuador’s history unites ancient ways with the modern world. The message today at  www.garyascott.com about war on four fronts examines a growing socio/economic problems that will benefit places like Smalltown USA and other places like Ecuador. Why Ecuador? Ecuador’s history is one answer.  I am always […]

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Ecuador Shamans Use Color

Ecuador shamans use color in their health balancing. Delegates often notice that Merri and I dress alike… sort of like kids in school going steady.   Here we are walking to our Blue Ridge seminar hall to conduct a course.  Yet we have been married for almost 30 years and there is another reason. The purpose […]

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Quinoa Quantum Ecuador Food

Ecuador yatchaks use quinoa, often referred to as the Andean grain… a wonderful food, native to the Andes, in their nutritional science. See a great quinoa recipe below. Quinoa sustained the ancient Incas and has been grown continuously for over 5,000 years. The plant thrives in poor soil, and the high mountain terrain of South […]

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Ecuador Shamanic Health Secrets

Here are some Ecuador shamanic health secrets sent to us by Jean Marie Butterlin who conducts Ecuador shamanic minga tours. Here is Jean Marie with Clemencia the Shamana of Zuleta at a recent Ecuador shamanic minga tour. We will look at many Ecuador shamanic health secrets in our Quantum Wealth course in North Carolina this […]

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Crucita Beach View House

You can read about a luxury Crucita beach view house for sale below. What a view! On our very first Ecuador real estate tour about 15 years ago, we took delegates to a beach view project in Crucita called Balsamaragua. A young Ecuadorian who had lived in Seattle had started the project… installed roads, sewers […]

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Ecuador Shrimp

Ecuador shrimp have been an important part of Ecuador’s export economy for many years. Big problems create large opportunity and the BP oil spill is a problem of the greatest magnitude.  There will be needs for a variety of products and services to help mitigate the effects of this disaster for years.  Being of service […]

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