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Saturday is the day we use this site to express opinions and answer questions to enjoy the wisdom of the masses.


Sometimes the masses in Ecuador can be colorful.

A link to answers to some of last week’s questions about Ecuador Living are below.

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Questions and answers. with wisdom of the masses.


Sometimes the masses can be dangerous and are best avoided… especially when it comes to politics.

Each day when I complete my message, I ask myself, “Is there something here that is interesting… and useful that can help make our readers’ lives better?”


Other times the masses can be really fun.

This is why you won’t read a lot of bad global news at our site.  Knowing all the terrible stuff in the world that we cannot do a thing about may be a favorite form of entertainment for the masses… but honestly… it is not very useful.   In fact this type of knowledge can be a burden and obstacle.

Plus once one becomes positive enough to overcome the morbid side of life… looking at dead bodies… pain and suffering doesn’t have much kick.   Most news is a waste of time… and time is the one resource we all have… but a resource that is also truly limited.


The masses can create sweet harmonies in life.

We live in a universe of unlimited abundance and wisdom.  Yet that infinite wisdom also uses time to make everything go.


Other times the masses can drive you to madness such as in Quito, Ecuador!  In fact short term it is best to act exactly in the opposite of the masses. See why at “Avoid Lines”

Yet long term the masses do reflect the innate wisdom within.

To capture this wisdom, each Saturday let’s make this a time we “Mass Share.”

I need your questions and… your answers.

Here are questions about Ecuador Living from last week.

Question: Gary, My wife and I have been living in Cuenca for a month and really love it. I have 12k in a 401k back in the states. I am 57 and could really use your wisdom on what to do with it.  Your insight would be greatly appreciated. George

Answer: Questions of this nature are impossible to answer accurately without more feedback such as “Is there a purpose?”…  “How long can the money be invested before it is needed?” etc so I’ll have to make assumptions and assume that this is a long term investment… that this writer has sufficient income to live now… and that this is set aside for producing income later.

There are two elements to ponder.  First, the investment. Second, the tax and legal position.

Re the investment… first of all, do not bring the money to Ecuador… unless you are going to invest in real estate or an Ecuador business of your own.

I have written about this numerous times… why I do not trust Ecuador banks and… why even if  one does trust them, it is good to live in one country, bank in a second, through a structure in a third.

See several of my articles about this at Ecuador DiversifiedTriple Protection and Ecuador Florida.

Re the investment, if long term is your goal… then how much risk aversion does one have?

There is a struggle between inflationary and deflationary forces at this time.  Falling real estate prices are hugely deflationary.  Unemployment is deflationary. Falling stock prices deflationary.  Lack of consumer confidence is deflationary.

War… debt…. excessive government interference… early retirement… unfunded welfare and Social Security are all inflationary.

The US appears to be following Japan’s model for dealing with the slowed economy… then deflation will win for now.

In times of deflation…. bonds are the best investment… but right now most bonds pay really low returns.. Plus the deflation will eventually turn to inflation and if one misses the shift… bonds will lose purchasing power.

An alternative is to invest in emerging bonds.  They pay a higher income and have shown some great increases.

According to Morningstar there are two high performing, no load, emerging bond funds.

The first of these two bond funds is MFS Emerging Markets Debt.

The Morningstar stats as of June 2010 show the fund up 10.5% this year.


The portfolio has a fair degree of risk as its quality breakdown shows. This is the price right now for higher income.  The Morningstar data shows that the fund is manly invested in the lower end of investment  grade bonds.


Here are the top ten bonds held in this fund… a bit top heavy in Russia.

See the other bond fund and Ecuador tax thinking, plus other Ecuador questions and answers here.