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Ecuador’s New Sucre

There has been some confusion about the new Sucre in Ecuador.


Ecuador is such a beautiful place. Here is a shot of Mt. Cotacachi from our Cotacachi house and

ecuador mountains

Mt. Imbabura.

One really great thing about being in Ecuador is that one can kickback and stop thinking about politics.

See today’s message Rules of Wealth at Garyascott.com to see ways of seeing through deceit in the political system.

But politics does not have much impact on the day to day lives of expat.

However some seem to want to worry anyway so a  number of readers sent me a news article entitled “Venezuela and Ecuador Conduct First Transaction in SUCRE” worrying that a new currency had been introduced without their knowing.

Until 2000 Ecuador’s currency was the Sucre.  Then Ecuador dollarized and its currency became the US dollar and the dollar remains Ecuador’s currency.

There is NOT a new currency for Ecuador.

The article says: On Tuesday, July 6 the governments of Ecuador and Venezuela conducted the first transaction through the Unified System for Regional Compensation (SUCRE, Spanish acronym), a proposed regional currency for the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA).

“The SUCRE is an example of efficiency and the political willingness to define concrete projects,” said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

The technology manager of the ALBA Bank, Edwin Duarte, explained that the transaction in the new currency took place through an “Online web system that provides accountant authorization in every country. Once the transaction is approved, the Central Bank of Ecuador receives the amount,” he added.

After the purchase from Caracas, the state-owned channel VTV broadcasted the confirmation of the transaction from Quito, Ecuador. An official from the BCE confirmed that the “the transaction was successfully accomplished (…) I confirm the reception of the money. The SUCREs were transferred.”

The SUCRE was approved in an agreement to establish it as the trade currency among Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Many readers also write to me worrying that Ecuador will leave the greenback and create its own currency not realizing that if Ecuador leaves the US dollar this will be good for expats.

I do not think that Ecuador will unhinge from the US dollar any time soon.  First, Correa  has stated the country will not.  Of course I am thinking beyond any politician’s word.

If there is to be a new sucre  then it would be sure to fall versus the greenback…. a political embarrassment that would also make goods from the US become more expensive.

Keep in mind Correa is an economist.  In 2005, he was the economic and finance minister under President Alfredo Palacio. To create a sucre and link it to the US dollar while the greenback is strong would make Ecuadorian exports uncompetitive.  If I can figure this out… he certainly has as well.

More importantly a new Ecuador currency could give Ecuador’s Congress more power and Correa less power.

Currently if Congress wants to implement any new program, it has the restraint of having to have the money to pay for it and Correa.  A new currency would allow Congress to print money which they currently cannot do.  And Correa’s government is already in trouble with Ecuador’s Congress.

This last Tuesday, members of Correa’s party in the legislature failed to pass a controversial monetary reform bill that would use Central Bank deposits to fund investment projects. In short he was trying to do the same thing as print money and Congress stopped him.

Correa’s party, could only muster 59 votes.  63 votes were required to pass the law. This is the second defeat for Correa’s party in the legislature in recent months. In May he could not secure enough votes to overhaul water usage.

The proposed monetary reform would have given more discretionary power to the Central Bank, reducing its limits on investments and allowing the Central Bank to invest directly in state-owned banks.  Many felt that this would provide liquidity to institutions that had questionable lending policies and high non-performing loan ratios in a non transparent way.

The indigenous protests against Correa’s water laws surely helped defeat them.  Now it is the financial structure opposing him. Correa’s party will probably try to get this monetary policy reform bill applied again soon, plus has other controversial bills that face opposition on hydrocarbon reform, communications and university education.   See more about his political battle with the indigenous at Ecuador Political Tension.

Political analysts say Ecuador might have returned to a long-standing political pattern, where the president is powerful in central government but politically weak in Congress.  This makes it less likely for Correa to do anything that will strengthen his congressional opposition.

However should I be wrong, and Ecuador reintroduces a new sucre as its currency the new Sucre would be good for gringos.


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Two years later, they attended our Super Learning Spanish course in July 2006.  During that course, they separately, but simultaneously, felt inspired to look for property to purchase in Cotacachi.  Through a series of events—and nothing short of magical—they found the property of their dreams.  By the end of that year, they were the proud owners of a charming little cottage on a lovely piece of  property just outside of town.


After some remodeling and several trips back and forth, the property was ready.  They sold just about everything they owned and in May 2008, they moved to Cotacachi with 8 suitcases filled with what was left of their personal belongings.  They now live in a beautiful setting between two  picturesque mountains that not only foster a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, but is perfect for the publishing business they have since started in Ecuador.

Over the last 30 years, Nancy has taught self-empowering principles and their practical application in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.  In 2003, she and her husband founded Quantum Living Institute through which they teach.  They recently returned from Europe where they presented a two-day seminar on personal transformation.  Nancy is the author of two mini-books, Quantum Living, Keys for Transformational Change and Ascent Back to God.

She has a Bachelors degree in the Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution.  As part of her studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, she traveled to the Middle East to Israel, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, meeting and discoursing with Israelis and Palestinians on their perspectives and hopes and dreams for a peaceful future—an experience she describes as life-changing.  Nancy is a teacher of Hatha Yoga, and has studied many of the Eastern mystical paths.  She has TOEFL certification for teaching English as a foreign language, and during her first school year in Cotacachi, volunteered her services in one of the underprivileged preschools.  Nancy brings creativity and a unique integrated perspective in her presentations that participants find to be both practical and personally transforming.

She says:

Ecuador is the perfect environment for getting away from it all, relaxing, and at the same time reenergizing your life.  The people here and the relaxed lifestyle invite us to reassess how we live our everyday lives.  When we moved to Ecuador, some of our friends were fearful and thought it was too big of a change.  They asked, “What if you don’t like it?”  Our answer, “Then we’ll do something else.”

Unfortunately we sometimes forget that we have choices and that change can be, and usually is, healthy when we embrace it.  I look forward to sharing the principles of living that I have found to be self-empowering, and that have the potential to transform a stressful life into a healthy, fulfilled life, no matter where you live or what your life circumstances may be.


Bonnie Keough has made dozens of trips to Ecuador and has been conducting Ecuador export tours for several years. She has helped hundreds of Americans tour Ecuador. She brings extensive knowledge about Ecuadorian products and sales back in the USA.

The workshop will be held September 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2010 (Monday through Friday).  We will provide transportation back to Quito on the evening of September 24, 2010.

The price is $599/single or $949/double.  We encourage you to bring sisters, moms, daughters, grandmothers, friends and have offered a generous discount for two.  We are not excluding men, but we are encouraging the ladies.

Included in the tour:  all transportation during the tour, including pickup in Quito on September 20 and return to Quito September 24, all admission charges, LaMirage Spa treatment, lectures, ceremonies, everything except accommodations and meals.

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