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Ecuador Antiques

Ecuador and Antiques


By Jean Marie Butterlin

I love antiques  and always have some in our houses wherever we live.

One thing I pay a lot of attention to, when buying antiques is the energy that the pieces of furniture or art carry with them .  I have felt many times when visiting friends who had a lot of antiques, that some of their pieces have brought unusual energies in their rooms.

Therefore before buying an antique piece, I always try to get a feel about them, almost doing a little meditation and touching to get the subtle energy that it carries.

I am scouting for some pieces but I always check not only the integrity but also any unusual energies because the last thing you want in your home is stuff that could negatively alter the character of your home.

When moving to Ecuador, I decided not to bring any furniture with me (too far away and too costly) and started looking for some furniture and decorations.

So far I have purchased a small coffee table and desk chair.

This coffee table is…


excellent outside and in.


Recently I started looking for antique doors for the new house we plan to build in Cotacachi.

We have been looking for doors that will be the soul of our house.   So far nothing has met our desires!

In Feng Shui tradition doors are the entrance of the chi so I pay a lot of attention to the door and the orientation, etc.

This is one type of…


door we have found in Ecuador.

My search for furniture-door expeditions, have uncovered a few people who know a lot about antiques in Ecuador, especially about restoring them.

In Cotacachi, we live only only 20 miles from San Antonio de Ibarra, the wood carving center of Ecuador. This is where the master carvers make replicas for the Louvre in Paris.

I was curious how these beautiful religious pieces, that come from old convents or churches ended up being restored in San Antonio.

I was told was that they came from old churches or convents, that were being destroyed because they were unsafe or rebuilt or were two and three hundred year old doors that had become rotten from weather and age so they needed to be changed for much safer ones.

Such doors usually are scrapped by the Padres because they are not secure enough, because the bottom part was rotten due to age, rain and weather.   The masters in San Antonio restore them beautifully.  Only the bottom is new.


These doors were restored in St Antonio.

I have not found “my” doors yet.  Soon I will and our house will be built around them.

I have found already the future protectors of my house however… or to be more precise.. they found me… and what a deal also I got!


Perfect angels.


We have also found the perfect table also for our salon.

When it comes to antiques, and authentic reproductions, there is a lot to be discovered in Ecuador!

When it comes to shopping, there is something for everyone.   One just needs to look and we are here to help you do so.

Jean Marie

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Jean Marie Butterlin.

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