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Here is an Ecuador Health Insurance Update from Bonnie Keough.

Hi Gary,

Here’s more Ecuador health insurance information.

FYI:  Mike and I pay about $1,000/month for health insurance.  It would be even more, but we still are covered by his group policy from the fire department.  Looks like insurance in Ecuador would be less than a third that price and cover more!


The Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social– IESS) is the public entity in charge of the Social Security in Ecuador.
People that want to use the services of the Ecuadorian Social Security can apply for it from ages between the 18 – 60 year old.
There are two kinds of Affiliation.
Obligatory Affiliation – People that are dependent workers. Usually the employer has the obligation of register all the employees at the IESS. It is consider an inalienable right for those who are dependent workers.

Voluntary Affiliation – People that work by themselves, independent workers, retired people that want to use the benefits of the public social security.
If you are interested in use the benefits of the IESS – Ecuadorian Social Security, we suggest you apply for a Voluntary Affiliation.
* Medical assistance in public hospitals. You can use this benefit from the 12 month of affiliation.

*Age: Between 18 – 60 year old people.

* Amounts: Have a minimum income of at least US$ 240 (basic salary in Ecuador).

* Percentage to Pay: 17.5% of the monthly declared income

* Requirements: Cedula (If you have a visa)

* Passport

* Personal Bank Account (Savings or Check Account)



Offers: Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Organ Transplant.

Limit of Age: No limitation

Coverage Amounts:  $25,000 – $100,000 – Life and Medical

* $ 25,000 – Travel

* $ 10,000 – Organ Tranplant

Coverage Percentage: 80% of the value of service received

Cost: $ 120 – $ 450 monthly– Depending on the type of service chosen, age, sex, etc.


Offers: Medical and Life Insurance

* Limit of Age: 65 years

* Coverage Amounts:  $ 14,200 – Medical Insurance (average value for senior people)

* $20,000 – Life Insurance

* Coverage Percentage: 80% – 100 % (Depending on the chosen Plan)

* Cost: $ 29.20 – $ 102.70 monthly


Offers: Medical Insurance

* Limit of Age: 65 years

* Coverage Amount:

* Medical Insurance – No limits

The medical attention has to be done in the Medical Centers of Cruz Blanca.

Coverage Percentage: Almost total coverage – Depends on the chosen Plan.

* Cost:  $ 33 – Before 65 years  $ 80.25 – After 65 years


Offers: Medical and Life Insurance

* Limit of Age:  64 years – Individual Plans 65 – 70 – Corporative Insurance

* Coverage Amount: $ 13,500 – Medical Insurance

* $ 56,000 – Life Insurance

* Coverage Percentage:  100 % – Hospital

* 60% – Medicines

* Cost: $ 95 – $ 128 monthly


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