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Learn about two Quito Ecuador cancer doctors and more.

Good health & wealth are connected… especially in the USA where health care costs are so high an illness can easily wipe out a lifetime of savings and worse.

But we need to be beyond the worry of sickness wiping us out.

We need to be way beyond just not being sick.  We need the type of good… natural health that brings energy…. vitality… enthusiasm… clarity… bravery… vision… perseverance.  These are the qualities that build everlasting wealth but many medical systems do not encourage this type of natural health.

Fortunately the same technology that creates some of our health problems… also provides solutions. We live in a global world and the sun always shines somewhere.  There a rising wave of medical tourism for those who want Western medicine for less and those who want alternative approaches to health they cannot attain where they live.

The sun always shines somewhere… in investing…. in business… in healing and life.

Learn about Dr. Cevallos and Dr. Wickman in Quito here.

Dr. Robert Wickman

Dr. Robert Wickman in Quito, Ecuador.