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There is unimaginable opportunity in Ecuador.

Many readers are moving full or part time to Ecuador because of the changes in Europe, Canada and the USA. We even have readers coming from Australia, New Zealand and Asia… especially Singapore.

Times of great change (like now) require new solutions. Moving to high quality, low cost countries like Ecuador  is one answer and when one moves they bring knowledge that creates previously unimagined opportunities.

Recently I spoke at a seminar  with Kenneth Rogoff, Jeff Rubin, Tommy Leung, David Darst and many other global investing experts.


I was privileged to speak about multi currency investing and how change can bring unimaginable opportunity.


Here is a panel at the Copenhagen seminar including Lars Stouge and Thomas Fischer of JGAM, plus Peter Berezin of BCA Research and David Darst of Morgan Stanley plus yours truly.  See how to share these incredible learning sessions I gained by clicking here.