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Ecuador and Beyond

Today we are looking at investments that are green in Ecuador and beyond.

Sustainable investments are not small stuff  but… small stuff may create the best sustainable investments in this new era.

Jyske seminars are really informative.  I especially enjoy them… getting to speak, getting to hear the other speakers and then getting to spend extra time with many of these speakers.

This year’s Jyske seminar in Copenhagen had an added benefit (for me) because two speakers had quite differing views on America and the importance of innovation.


Gary Scott speaking with David Darst.

The first speaker was David Darst. David David Darst is managing director and chief investment strategist at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney with responsibility for asset allocation and investment strategy.   He was the founding president of the Morgan Stanley Investment Group after he joined Morgan Stanley 14 years ago from Goldman Sachs where he held senior management posts within the Equities Division and earlier, for six years as resident manager of their private bank in Zurich.  He  earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and was awarded a BA degree in Economics from Yale University.  He has lectured extensively at Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD and New York Universi-
ty business schools.  For nine years he served as a visiting faculty member at Yale College, Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School.

Wow… what a resume.

What David said could change many green investing concepts.

See what David and another speaker (Jeff Rubin on oil) said that could help you earn income in Ecuador here.

Here is more on green in Ecuador and beyond.

Merri and I purchased (and still own) our first hacienda, Rosaspamba, (place of the roses) a 963 acre cloud forest with many virgin trees, over a decade ago.

mindo ecuador

Here is a shot of the cloud forest from our front yard at Rosaspamba.  We have left this acreage in a natural state… our contribution to keeping Ecuador green.  It is mostly a primary forest and stunningly beautiful.


This link looks at the importance of all green investing.

Readers are taking similar action in other countries such as Allie Funk and Louis Acker.  They live near us in North Carolina. Allie is a professor at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.

They sent me this extraordinary note…talk about preservation!

Please help save some of the rain forest in Belize by helping to buy a part of this bative forest before it is sold to those who would clear cut it and convert it to agricultural land.


There is a 23,853 acre parcel of pristine rain forest in central Belize (Cayo district) which is now up for sale. This is mixed tropical hard wood forest with wild cacao, vanilla, orchids,and bromeliads that is home to Jaguars, pumas and other cats, monkeys, tapir, numerous birds and other wild life. The parcel of land we are buying borders Roaring Creek and the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, which is administered by the Audubon Society.


This land has beautiful mountains, rich valley land, waterfalls, springs, and caves. (Out of one cave flows a large, blue creek where one can paddle past beautiful boulders that are bound with massive tree roots, and continue into the cave, where natural shafts of light illuminate Mayan artifacts.) There is even a large, unexcavated Mayan temple as high as the trees, and other caves full of pottery and bones.

The only road to this property is gated with a 24 hour guard who is posted to protect the Tapir Mountain Reserve.


One reason this is guarded is because within the Tapir Mountain Reserve is the famous Aktun Tunichil Muknal – the Cave of the Crystal Maiden  – which has been listed as one of the top ten adventure tourist sites in the world. All tourists must be part of licensed guided tours. The site of the temple on the land we propose to buy was almost certainly the home of the Crystal Maiden during her life time. It is now covered by pristine forest.


Would you like to be part owner with us to help preserve this special place?

We propose to buy 1500 acres at a total cost of $670,000. This includes the cost of the land ($588,750) plus survey cost, land transfer tax, closing costs, incorporation costs, and government required improvements on the land.  Our family will buy most of this forest but we are looking for up to 8 other to join us in this purchase…at modest amounts.

For full details, please write to us at louisacker@yahoo.com

I have shared this for several reasons because many readers who subscribed to our Ecuador ezine have also expressed interests in Belize, Costa Rica and Panama as well as Ecuador….and what an opportunity to save these beautiful lands.


We feel that green investments everywhere are important. See why at green investments for profit.

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ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn. The Inn has…

ecuador-wine and cheese

great… views that will be special during the Blue Ridge leaf change.


During this course we’ll enjoy an organic  wine tasting at the New River Winery. Here are delegates at a previous wine tasting.


We’ll also have an informal afternoon tea at our home in the mountains.

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Here are


photos from Bonnie Keogh’s latest Ecuador…





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A reader just wrote this about the property above.  “Dear Gary, I Wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting our property sold, it has been sold and wanted to THANK YOU and your people for all of your aid. Regards, Patricia P. Boling San Pablo Lake Property”

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