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Ecuador Forex Protection

Ecuador never had castles like this for protection… but those planning to live in Ecuador may need dollar protection.


There are three things that Denmark is not famous for… castles… private banking and forex trading.

Yet Denmark has all three.  This is a shot I took at Jyske Bank’s recent Global Wealth Seminar of the 450 year old Egeskov Castle.  This castle and the museums here are must visits if you are in Denmark… but it is the Danish forex profits we’ll zero in on for those moving to Ecuador.

The current economic climate makes it harder for those planning to retire or live off a fixed income in Ecuador.

It is extremely difficult to find safe income producing investments in US dollars.  Those who have a pension or investments to produce income are finding it hard. If the US dollar drops, this will only get worse.

Volatile investments are now more acceptable because there is greater risk everywhere.  If we have to take risk let’s at least be sure we can profit from it!

For years I have been recommending live in Ecuador… bank in Denmark.  See how this approach can provide dollar forex protection and profit here.


Learn how to stretch your Ecuador income and expand your lifestyle.  Join us for the Blue Ridge leaf change.


Learn more about international investing business and quantum wealth at our October North Carolina seminar conducted at the…

ecuador-wine and cheese

West Jefferson Hampton Inn. The Inn has…

ecuador-wine and cheese

great views that will be special during the Blue Ridge leaf change.


During this course we’ll enjoy an organic wine tasting at the New River Winery. Here are delegates at a previous wine tasting.


We’ll also have an informal afternoon tea at our home in the mountains.

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A reader just wrote this about the property above.  “Dear Gary, I Wanted to thank you for all of your help in getting our property sold, it has been sold and wanted to THANK YOU and your people for all of your aid. Regards, Patricia P. Boling San Pablo Lake Property”

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