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Here is an recent triple win – win Ecuador export opportunity that came from our Ecuador export tour experts.

Many Ecuador families have a dirt floor weaving factory as…
their home, where mom, dad. grandparents and…

children work.


These small family factories cannot serve large Ecuador exporters so the Ecuador export tours that Bonnie Keough conducts can really help these small family businesses.  This is why we love to receive emails like this that say: Hi Merri…you may recall that I booked the  Surf & Turf tour earlier this year….well, my wife and I  are just concluding the Cotacachi leg on Wednesday.

We both wanted to let you know that what made the  stay  here so fantastic was the great help & kindness we got from all the staff here, but especially Bonnie Keough…

Bonnie has gone out of her way to help us in every aspect of our stay here, assisting in bookings for the next leg of our journey, suggesting hotels in Cuenca & contacts with realtors.

She has rapidly become a good friend of both myself & my wife….she is one of those rare people who thru their kindness, wit & great class, become a true asset to any corporation. We had the chance to go on the 2 day shopping tour that Bonnie organized… I don’t know how she found some of these places that seemed to always be at the end of some cobble stoned road,  but at the end of that road was yet another incredible workshop offering beautiful, unique product at an amazing price.

The 2 full days were terrific value for the money & we  will always be indebted to Bonnie for leading us to a business prospect we had no previous notion about.  Anyway, we wanted you to know what a great time we’ve had here in Cotacachi…..we just wish we could have Bonnie with us for the rest of our trip.

We hope to work with you much in the future and appreciate your patience and willingness to help novices like us!!

Bonnie made our trip to Ecuador a real pleasant experience. Thanks so much!!

Bonnie Keough with goods she has exported from Ecuador.  Here’s a side note from her:

“This couple placed an order for 500 table runners with the family who has the weaving studio with dirt floor and candles for light over the looms.  They will complete the order in two weeks and I will ship the items to them.”


Hand woven table runners from Ecuador.

Merri and I are so so pleased that people are visiting Ecuador and buying
goods ….everyone prospering…and how great it must be for the family to receive
500 orders!!!


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