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See a Cotacachi Ecuador love story sent to us by a delegate… just below.


I love strolling round some days… just shooting tiny glimpses of life with my little Sony pocket camera… like this shot of two lovers on a Cotacachi street  parting for the day… sharing a few secret last words… longing for a quick return.

Or this couple sitting in…


the Convent across the street from our Cotacachi hotel Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de Las Flores).  Two students… a boy and a girl… casual… or maybe…



The Ecuadorians are passionate… the youth in the country villages still innocent and earnest.  Nice love stories.

So it is really heart warming when I learn of love stories within our seminars and tours like this one.

A reader wrote: Hello Gary and Merri.  Thank you . I\We  appreciated your recent communication, even more than usual. I hope you remember one of your symposiums over 20 years ago was held at our Adventure Inn at Consejo Shores, in the north of Belize ………..  a long time ago when you centered in Naples, Florida.

Some years years ago my youngest son and I,  attended your Cotacachi, Ecuador, symposium, and reconnected with you. We  really enjoyed the financial parts, the real estate parts and then the spiritual parts with the the Shamanic  healing ceremonies.

That was where at breakfast in your hotel, I met another attendee and within a couple of months we lived with each other and still do in our wonderful Consejo Shores.  Bill.    consejoshores.com.

Merri and I love reading stories like this!  This is one reason we formed the International Club.

21 years ago Merri and I created a way that readers can join us to be immersed in a year-long learning program through our International Club.

We found that when a reader  joins our International Club they become part of a special family. The very first member to join the club all those years ago wrote, “Thank you for the enjoyable and informative courses. I am pleased to be part of your international family and look forward to continuing my education at the next course”.

These courses somehow draw together like-minded souls. For this reason some delegates come back again and again. They come to learn, but also to be with their many friends made at the courses. When like-minded souls get together again and again to discuss a common purpose, magic happens! I can’t explain it in any other way-but it is true.

In a way our meetings are almost like family reunions. Perhaps it is getting together and reflecting on what has been said and what has been happening.

Learning with those who are also interested in the world creates thought that multiplies the value of what we gain. This is hard to describe but results are most powerful and wonderful! This to me is as important as the great financial benefit of attending eight upcoming courses that would cost $$6,492 FREE.

Learn how to belong to the International Club here.


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