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Many readers report having an Ecuador business for fun and profit.


Photo from Financial Times article “US Senate approves Andean stopgap”.

Fun is a really important  part of any business especially in Ecuador as an article last week in the Financial Times shows.

Here are excerpts from the Financial Times article:  Businesses in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador have become used to a regular test of nerves: the US Senate’s decision whether to extend trade preferences. This time the Senate granted a last-minute stopgap – providing relief for Andean flower exporters, but indicating again how much better the US’s trade relationships with the region could be. In response, Ecuador’s man in Washington, Luis Gallegos, struck a cautiously optimistic note.

Gallegos said in a statement:

We’re disappointed, of course, that the House-passed extension of Atpdea [the trade preference agreement] for 18 months did not get the Senate’s approval, but this six-week extension – taken as Senators were leaving for home for the holidays – will keep trade uninterrupted during the key weeks for flower distributors prior to St. Valentine’s Day.

I am confident that when the Congress returns in January, this debate will resume and that the Congress will approve a longer extension.

Other Andean countries are likely to be more downbeat. Bolivia, which has a prickly relationship with the US, had its preferences canceled in 2008 after former president George W. Bush said the country had “failed to cooperate with the US on important efforts to fight drug trafficking”.

The Colombians, among the US’s closest allies in Latin America, have been waiting for the ratification of a bilateral trade deal since the dying days of the Bush administration.

Senator Jeff Sessions’ push to drop sleeping bags from preferences – which are extended to 120 developing nations – held up debate on the valuable preferences even as flood-hit Colombia declared a national state of emergency, with millions affected, hundreds killed and key crops damaged.

In other words… hundreds of thousands of jobs for poor people in Latin America have been and are at risk as US Senators continue to delay.   Perhaps next they’ll then ponder how to stop these poor people from illegally sneaking onto the USA.

Ecuador is extremely strict on drug enforcement so has always gained special trade preferences… such as with Ecuador flowers.

However, this is a really complicated issue. Trade preferences in Latin America can hurt employment benefits in the USA.   Yet if the US does not help, poverty in Latin America invites drug trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism and gives China and even Iran new trading opportunities.

The point is… when we are in business, there are many factors that affect profit and are way beyond our control. This is why a successful business requires more than just profit.

Benefits such as satisfaction, service, fulfillment and fun are essential parts of a successful business.

Learn more about having fun in business here.

We live in a rapidly changing world. The limiting dimensions of mankind… time and space are being reduced by the day.  This swiftness of change makes fun increasingly important in businesses that will survive… and prosper in 2011 and beyond.

This is one reason we like Ecuador. This nation is a fun and joyous place.


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Bonnie Keough at our home showing products she exports from Ecuador.

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Otavalan textile sellers at our hotel Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores).

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Ecuador roses are among the finest in the world. Here are some at our home.

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Read the entire article  “US Senate approves Andean stopgap”