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Here is a Crucita Ecuador beach view house for sale.


Here is the ocean view from this house.


About a decade one one of our first Ecuador real estate coastal tours, we visited a new Ecuador Coastal view real estate project Balsamaragua. Just two houses were built at that time. Delegates went wild over the ocean view and purchased about half the lots.

I have watched this community mature over the decade with many incredible homes.  On that first visit we inspected both of the houses that had just been built so I know this one  and believe it is an incredible value at the asking price so I am pleased to send this paid advertisement.


This Crucita ocean view house is located on top of a 145 meters above sea level  (450 feet), with a 180 degrees view of the Pacific Ocean.


No one can be close or next to the house, (as its customary here) as this ocean view house was built in the middle of four regular size lots precisely to avoid that closeness.  The house has has a big yard good enough to build a pool. There is space for for improvement, adding or remodeling.   There are other very pricey constructions right next to it.. one house next door is offered at $775,000… $605,000 more than this ocean view house.

The Balsamaragua development has been sold out. No more land is available and this house will go soon.

Land dimension:    816.99 sq.mt (8,160 square feet)
Construction dimension:    200 sq.mts (2,000 square feet)
Year construction:    2000
Location:    Villa Balsamaragua
City or Location:    Crucita Beach
Cost:    $170,000
Size:    Family Size
Rooms:    3
Kitchen:    1
Living Room:    1
Bathroom:    3
Garage: two cars
Yard: yes
Tax: $ 65 a year
Age: 10 years

You can stop on your way up, if walking, to enjoy the scenery…. the house has a 180 degrees view of the Ocean, which can also be seen
from everywhere in the house.


Another view on the way up.

Scene from your balcony at 145 meters above sea level where the house sits on a hill.


Panoramic views are everywhere… right from your master bedroom.. or your L.R. or from the roof ready to be converted into an
entertainment area… it only needs tile.


The whole town view, from the roof of the house; view due south.


View from the back window of one of the bedrooms.


The drive way to the 2 car garage…. even if remodeled and part of the garage is used there is enough room for 2 cars.


Another view of the house.

View due north… you can see a fishing village lights at night. as well as the city of Manta evening lights.


Manta on the distance….. View due north, right from your master bedroom.   Just the view is worth a million!

The whole yard is fenced in and landscaped with Summer Flowers which bloom almost all year long.

The landscape has many colorful flowers and several centennial plants ready to bloom…. easy to keep due to weather conditions.


The landscaped fence all blooming.

This house is set apart, because it was built on a four lots put together as one whole lot to make the house sit right in the center of it, to avoid the customary way of building here, right to the border line… not having to suffer violations of your privacy in any way.


Nicely landscaped, this house is just about the last one available with special characteristics…

Not obstructing your view of the ocean if you sit just about anywhere in the house; this landscape surrounds the house
at the lower level as the house sits on a hill.   A little TLC, will make it an outstanding home, right by the sea.


Sea birds…  (Pelicans)  going south …

There you have it…  another part of the landscape… within the house.


The gentle, almost permanent breeze,  plays around with the grass… a wonderful ocean view home at a very good price.

For full details contact Graciela G. Wakefield at gracewake@gmail.com

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